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Beat The Heat – The VSSUT way

Owing to the ever rising temperature ( hey there global warming! ), this scorching heat and the sweet irony that burla is surrounded by Mahanadi river, summer for every Vssutian is “Hard”. And from the looks of it it keeps getting worse every successive year. Eyeing this “hot” trend here are some summer hacks for […]

12 Types of students you find in VSSUT

The omnipresent The quintessential jacks-of-all-trade, these guys are affiliated to most clubs (Souls, Vibranz, Robotics, SAE, Quizzine, you name it), are generally average or good at studies and known by most. Defining them is tough owing to their multiple loyalties. The secretaries These are the guys who get things done (well pun or not). Attendances […]

Love is a mystery

Love is an untamed force. The firebird we want to catch. The phoenix that rises from the ashes, refusing to die. You can never capture her. She cannot live in captivity either. But she can come and sit by your fire. And she may never leave, if you allow her to spread her wings. If […]

The Indian Palate

“The idea of India is against the intense consciousness of the separateness of one’s own people from others, which inevitably leads to ceaseless conflicts” – Rabindranath Tagore. There are times, when the very fabric on which the Constitutional law has been spun, seems to have become so moribund, that it threatens to destroy itself solely […]


Talent is that ability or skill which is said to be innate in a person and so is luck and both are not eruditions. Good fortune is when we are saved from falling into a misery when all others succumb to it, it is then when we are said to be lucky. Being Talented as […]

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