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Workshop by PIXELS

The creative artists, the painters, the designers, the photographers and those engineers of VSSUT, BURLA had buckled up their shoes for the art workshop to be held in the university. VSSUTians had set the boundaries to meet with the world’s expectations from engineers. The Art and Photography Club, PIXELS had organised a workshop on 14th […]


By: Akanksha Behuria & Sagarika Behuria There’s no denying the importance of strong extracurricular activities these days. As college admissions become increasingly selective, a strong test score to match often isn’t enough anymore. Extracurricular are playing their bit-part very well these days. What happens when you can’t find a club that reflects an important part […]

Ashmit’s Picyard

Asmit Thaty, a second year student of Production Engineering, seeks his interest in capturing Nature’s immense beauty. His love for animals makes him snap those moments in his Capturing Device. Lets look into some of his stills : He owns a Facebook Page Where he share’s his Snaps : Ashmit’s Picyard Do subscribe to his posts […]

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