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Bhisutians Amidst the Lockdown

Written By- Ankeet Pradhan Special Credits- Som Nath From reviving passion in their areas of interest to doing the household chores- from doing all the stupid challenges on social media to watching Ramayana with family, Bhishutians are doing it all and doing it right in this pandemic season. Hence, I decided to list down in […]


“Pop culture” or popular culture references, the reason “Pulp Fiction” stands as one of the most important and influential movies of all time. Probably this concept of “pop culture reference” is not grasped well by today’s Bollywood commercial film-makers. The way, the eras of Indian music were defined by Mohd. Rafi, Kishor Kumar, Lata Mangeskar, […]


By: Ankeet Pradhan “The other day my mom restricted me from using Facebook because I wrote ‘widowed’ as my status after I broke up with my ex “, says Rohan, a 16-year-old who claims that he is preparing for IIT JEE which is 2 months away. Rohan claimed to be in a relationship for 2 […]

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