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VSSUT’s Technical Societies – Orientation Programme

Our society is no longer democratic or capitalist; It is now completely and equivocally technocratic. And to prevail this, humanity has been constantly evolving to utilise the concept to the fullest. Quoting our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Technology is a brilliant way to serve people. The more we learn about technology, the more we learn […]


        In the recently concluded ESI or Enduro Student India  2018 competition held at Coimbatore, Team VEERss Racing emerged as the sole champions of the dynamic events.Bagging the 1st position among a total of 79 teams all over India in the DirtX and Endurance events, they not only carried the legacy of […]

Baja Students India 2016: AIR 04

J.K. Tyres Baja Student India 2016, organized by Delta Inc. was held at Budha International Circuit, Greater Noida. Over 1300 engineering students participated in its Student Design Competition. Team VEERss Racing, with their latest All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), IoKE – V, earned an overall AIR 4th (including 75 points of penalty, else would have landed at 2nd) […]

Walk The Talk With MR. PREETAM BAAG

“Thoughts do much. Words do more. Actions do much more.” The adage is rightly appropriate for the highly cerebral persona of Preetam Baag, 4th year Production Engineering, Veer Surendra Sai University of Techology, Burla. A technically sound figure that he is; soft spoken yet outspoken, an active member of the University football team, an occasional […]

BAJA SAE Students India 2016

In Greek mythology, Ioke (Ἰωκή) was the spirit and personification of pursuit. Team VEERss Racing has been selected to participate in BAJA Student India 2016 ( Organized by Delta inc). The team successfully Cleared the Online 2015 Rule Book Quiz with a Rank of 26 out of 101 teams. RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS Remembering its Past Glories, the Team […]


Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Chapter of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, Odisha is a technical society which mainly deals with the designing and fabricating of automobile prototypes to participate in various college design series competitions at both national and international levels and also carries out various research projects for major breakthroughs […]

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