Orientation Program – Literary Society, Music & Dance Club, NSS

Cultural activities have carved a niche in the university ecosystem for all the right reasons. Delineating on all of them throws light on important roles the clubs have been playing in one student’s life.

The much anticipated cultural orientation programme was organized on the 16th of November at Sir Visveswaraya auditorium. It was inaugurated by the head of the cultural association, Dr. Anil Kar and other faculty members. The collaboration of cultural clubs has always been a grand affair. They play a predominant role in a student’s life and have managed to etch a significant place for themselves in the academic calendar. There is a growing consensus that a college is not just about fun but that it also augments a student’s learning experience.


NSS, the national service scheme association under VSSUT, Burla aiming at comprehending a sense of national and social responsibility among the students to make them appreciate the dignity of labour for the welfare of rural sections of the society. The event was started with Dr. Anil Kar, the coordinator of NSS enlightening the students about its motive and purpose by the help of a presentation, showcasing all the activities conducted by our esteemed university. NSS team was indeed successful in preaching the true value of social responsibility and the impact of unharnessed power of youth towards the cause. The encouraging and truly inspiring genesis elegantly stimulated enthusiasm for the rest of the evening.


Beyond the pages – into a new world giving wings to imagination being the personified chronicle of our literary club. A brotherhood of young minds with a mutual appreciation for literature and passion for reading and writing. Also, the official e-newsletter body of VSSUT. With the obligation of directing the new faces to make their choices, the orientation was commenced by the unveiling of our magazine “REFLECTIONS” by Dr. Anil Kar and the former secretary of our club, Abhilash Mishra. It was followed by a brief introduction of the club by the present co-ordinator Atul Saswat. After illuminating the first years on its aspirations and more importantly, its role in the university, the more fun and interactive activities started. Exciting activities like Bollywood Hungama, Musings and Spell Bee completely changed the atmosphere to that of cheerfulness and liveliness. The crowd was engaged with fun questions, helping the first years to participate and vanquish their shyness also subconsciously instilling the beauty and virtue of literature in everyone’s mind. The reactions and fervour from the auditorium could tell that the joint efforts by the club members and co-ordinator had won the quest and found its holy grail.


And then arrives the most awaited part of the evening, holding true to its bequest and grandeur in every possible aspect, the official music and dance club of VSSUT, Souls and Vibranz.  Sir Visveswaraya auditorium stood witness to not only fresher but also seniors from every club and department. Their presence made sure that there was an abundance of hooting and applauding throughout.  The minute one set foot on the floor of the auditorium, one could sense the heat and vibrancy in the air.

Team Souls, owing to its name garnered soulful emotions via their performance. Engaging from classical music to sweeping everyone off their feet with romantic Bollywood songs and mashups, the performers showcased their skills in their sphere of expertise. The final year seniors, in obligation to their college memories, pulled off a remarkable performance for one last time and receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. The connectivity of the performers with the audience was so close that one could speculate every single emotion being produced throughout the evening.

Nothing appeals to eyes like a group of well-synchronized dancers grooving to the beats of our favourite songs. While the rest of Burla was absorbed deep into the monotony of life, Sir Visveswaraya auditorium was deeply enchanted by the spellbound performances from team Vibranz. The sizzling performance by second-year girls on Bollywood Tadka perfectly complemented to the fusion of locking, and hip hop by our pre-final year girls. Meanwhile, the boys electrified the audience with their raw energy and flawless moves. And lastly, the final years responsible for upholding the legacy for three years gave the most graceful, alluring and exemplary performance of the evening leaving the audience mesmerized. The members also preached the hip hop culture of cypher by displaying a jaw-dropping presentation.

Sooraj Raja, the former co-ordinator of our cultural fest graced the occasion to elaborate the true essence of VASSAUNT to the new fleets by a slideshow presentation and also soothing down the intense ambience of the audience to a jovial one with his cheerful aura, perfectly timed sense of humour and hilarious remarks.

 The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. There were mixed feelings, a feeling of avidity and eagerness among the first years, the seniors gathering themselves to uphold the legacy and the final years passing on the baton and experiencing déjà vu of the past three years. With the approaching nightfall, the cultural orientation programme came to a spectacular end.


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