Workshop by PIXELS

The creative artists, the painters, the designers, the photographers and those engineers of VSSUT, BURLA had buckled up their shoes for the art workshop to be held in the university. VSSUTians had set the boundaries to meet with the world’s expectations from engineers. The Art and Photography Club, PIXELS had organised a workshop on 14th November. The workshop was carried on, for around two hours at the Civil seminar hall of the university and around 50 people had the pleasure of learning about the diverse fields in Art.

The session was mentored by Mr. Manish Kumar Gupta, a high profile Engineer, an MBA graduate and a true passion follower. Mr. Gupta managed to create an interactive environment among the enthusiastic crowd. He took his time to throw light on the importance of art and lifestyle explaining various fields of art and the value of pursuing one’s passion. Every information about detailed art, rules, ideas, tricks was clearly elucidated by him to the newbies & pros alike. He explained about traditional art, ancient art and the types and evolution to what we see today.

The workshop was further carried on by felicitation provided by Dr. Anil Kumar Kar, Vice President of Cultural Association & Ms. Nivedita Patel, Faculty Advisor of the Art & Photography Club. It was concluded by a warm vote of thanks by Mrinal Nayak, the coordinator of the club. Pixels and the team distributed goodies among the attendees and ensured that the event set every enthusiastic person in the hall with the right rhythm for the time to come.

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