Press the buzzer, snap the pic and disseminate your vision.

You don’t have to have the most talent in the world. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world. If you persist and you persist, you will be successful – Dean Cain.”

The budding photographers, artists, quizzards of VSSUT, Burla are setting their pace high by showcasing their expertise in various events and workshops being held in the university.

VSSUTians are all set to meet with the growing competition in today’s world.

The photography club of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, PIXELS witnessed a photography workshop conducted by NIKON INDIA on 14th January.

The workshop was carried on for around 6 hours at the Civil Seminar hall of the university. A mass of 60 attendees witnessed it.

The session was mentored by Mr Pratyush Garg who is himself a professional in STREET photography. He was further coordinated by Mr Rakesh Pradhan and Mr Devesh Majhi.

Mr Garg managed to create an informative and joyous aura among the crowd. He enlightened the crowd about the maturity and developments in the field of photography, from the times when there were film rolls to digital photos in today’s time. Every detailed information about a DSLR and the basic tricks and rules of photography was elucidated by him to the newbies.

The event was further carried on by Mr Debanshu Pattanaik who himself is a pro in WILDLIFE photography. He showcased some of his clicks in front of the mass.

The workshop was further carried on by a felicitation given by Ms Nivedita Patel, the respected faculty advisor of the club. It was concluded by a warm vote of thanks by Saiprasad Mohapatra, coordinator, Pixels and the team distributed goodies among the attendees.

NIKON INDIA team received a lot of gratitude from the Pixels club members. This workshop hopefully served and ignited the zeal and craze among the next generation of photographers.

The same day there was a kick-ass event that grooved all the school kids driving them crazy to be a part of the most awaited quiz hosted by Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT). The official Quiz club of VSSUT “QUIZZINE” conducted a very special school quiz for the students of Burla. With a distinct idea, QUIZZINE has been successfully conducting the school quiz for years. “QUIZONOXIUM”, was held at Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium, VSSUT, Burla. The quiz started at 9 am and prolonged for up to three hours.

Prof. Sudhansu Sekhar Das, DSW, Mr Anil Kumar Kar, Faculty advisor Mrs Sarmila Garnaik were present at the event. Students around the city joined up for the event. The quiz was hosted and mastered by our Quizmaster (QM) Subham Badapanda, Co-ordinator of the club. He has been winning quizzes on a row and made it to be the new QM.

The quiz was divided into two groups (juniors and seniors). Students from class 5-8 and class 9-12 were subordinated in Group-A (Junior Team) and Group-B(Senior Team) respectively. Presence of Lone wolves was discarded. As per the instructions a team comprising of 2 members sat for the quiz. The quiz was completely based on an anonymous topic that included every single facts and news around the world. The excited junior team filled up the auditorium with the participation of around 80 people and the seniors with exclusive excellent brains came over a population of around 50. The junior team was headed by a 20 marks written quiz test. The senior team played the real quiz on the table. In the screening round of Prelims, the students gave their level best of guessing, connecting and answering the questions right. The prelims led to 6 teams on to the stage for the final showdown of the shot.

In the Junior team Sourav S Sarangi and Nishant Naik of DAV Public school, Burla emerged as the champions. Subhrajit Maharana and Aryan Behera, Shriniket Behera and Pradeep Behera both the teams of DAV Public School, Burla bagged the 1st runners up and 2nd runners up respectively.

In the Senior group Dishant Hota and Satwik S.Khamari of Vikas Residential School, Bargarh were declared as the winners. Arman Aurobinda and Sudhansu Ramdash of Sri Satya Sai Kiddies Abode, Burla and Arman Swastik Swain and Tushar Debra of DAV Public School ranked as 1st runners up and 2nd runners up respectively.

The pavilion marked a delightful end to a memorable quiz. Along with Somnath, the asst. Co-ordinator of the club the Quizzine members’ hard work made the quiz a successful one.

The new minds have been shaping and are ready for a war. Oh yes, you heard that right. From the dawning of the competitions to raining opportunities, VSSUTians are fitting themselves the best in the frame.


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