By- Sagarika Behura


‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it.’

-John Wooden

The saying has its sap stuck deep down in the hearts of VSSUTians. With this slogan, the two-days sports extravaganza of VSSUT – ILLUMINA 2K19, was kicked-off. A misty wintry morning of 12th Jan saw the spectacular start to something remarkable to the VSSUT diaries. Hon’ Vice-Chancellor Sir Atal Chaudhuri, DSW Prof. Sudhanshu Sekhar Das, Vice President Dr Manas Ranjan Senapati and Faculty Advisor Prof. Ajay Kumar Das graced the occasion with their presence. Symbolizing the light of spirit, knowledge and life, the torch was lighted in the Burla temple. The walk back to the University grounds, lead by Abhijeet Mishra(Final year) and Smruti Ranjan Rout(Secretary ILLUMINA-2K19), fostered team spirit and a sense of togetherness within the budding sportspersons in the crowd. The VSSUT parade followed by the sworn oath left a mark of honour for the University and the festival in the minds of the eager spectators.

Yoga, the spiritual tradition, came first in the event list. The very reputed Yoga Club, VSSUT held numerous fun yet challenging events and hence kept the show tickling. The events included Surya namaskar competition, yoga asanas competition, push-up competition, skipping competition, musical chair, balloon blowing competition, yoga pyramid competition and sports quiz. Music chair for faculties trod the boards for the professors also. The contenders were challenged to push the bar higher with their record-breaking performances. The spirit ignited passion and hence the fun was at its brim.

SANSKAR KENDRA, the self-motivated group with the motto to serve the society by educating poor and needy juveniles, kept the show going. Teeny tootsies ran 80-meter sprint races. The joy and zeal to stand first, in the eyes of the little boys and girls were clearly seen and cheered aloud. The air smelt pure happiness and that was possible due to the sheer hard work and dedication of the group, SANSKAR KENDRA.

Now, the college karate team, VSSUT Karate Club was next on the list to hold the episode with its charisma. The events named ‘Kata’ and ‘Kumite’ rowled up 13 participants, 8 girls and 5 boys, barehanded. The crowd enjoyed the subsequent showcase of talents by the club members.

Group events, kho-kho and kabbadi, attracted the most attention. Separate teams of respective years came down the podium to battle to stand first. The gaiety among the crowd for girls and boys kho-kho and kabbadi was like no other. The ground roared with excitement and team spirit. 3rd-year girls and final year boys were swept up in the euphoria of victory for both kabbadi and kho-kho.

Aayushi Das(3rd year) wore 3 golds in her sleeves for 100 m, 200 m and 400 m races, and won the glorious title of ‘University Girls Champion’. She swayed numerous hearts with her sheer determined hard work and passion to win no matter what. ‘University Boys Champion’ Abhinash Sahu(2nd year) pushed the bar to a remarkable height in all aspects. He took 4 gold medals home for 100 m, 200 m, triple jump and long jump with University record-breaking jump of 5.94 m. His prodigious passionate performances left the by-standers awestruck. Even the 1500 m race witnessed a record-breaking run by Ankit B. Barwa (3rd year).

Never had the University in its 63 years of legacy, seen such a marvellous sports fest. Records were broken one after the other. Passion and joy ran all through the grounds. With such events, the Sports fest ILLUMINA – 2K19 saw its famed climax on the eve of 13th Jan. Team Vission congratulates the champions and all the participants for their outstanding performances. Also kudos to the Team ILLUMINA – 2K19 for their one-minded efforts to turn the event into a grand success.

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