With 2018 bidding goodbye to all of us, VSSUT completed its 63 years of legacy. From organising its first TEDx event to Burla breaking the 36 years record of highest rainfall, 2018 was filled with a lot of memories which are going to stay with us forever.

The year started with ‘TECHTRONIX’ the mega branch fest of ETC department which showed a great energy among the students of ETC branch. This was followed by the branch fests of several other branches which were as successful and energetic as ‘TECHTRONIX’. The branch fests of respective branches were memorable for all the first-year students as they were welcomed in their respective branches by their seniors (if you know what I mean).

Resonance 2018
Techtronix 2018
Srujan 2018

The annual techno-management fest of VSSUT Burla, ‘SAMAVESH’ was also one of its kind this year. A large number of students participated in different events. It also hosted the ‘MAKERFEST’ for the first time in Odisha, which was a great success as participants from different universities participated and showed their enthusiasm for technology, management and design.

Maker Fest Odisha

This year, VSSUT also welcomed its new Vice Chancellor, Professor Atal Chaudhuri, former professor of one of the renowned institutes of India, JADHAVPUR UNIVERISTY.

Then came the most awaited cultural fest of the year ‘VASSAUNT’, the three-day cultural rendezvous of VSSUT, Burla. The theme was “Superheroes Vs Supervillains” which captured the attention of the whole college and made them more excited about it. The whole college was decorated according to the theme which transformed the entire campus into Marvel and DC universe. Lots of exciting events were organised by the different cultural clubs of the college. ‘SILENT DJ’, the first of its kind in Odisha empowered people to dance to their own tunes without anyone listening to it was one of the most unique and exciting events which was introduced for the first time in any college in Odisha. Amidst all this entertaining chaos, the stand-up comedians ascended onto the podium to elevate the fun to another level. ‘THE BHUBANESHWAR KOMEDIANS’ expressed their heartfelt ‘love’ for ITER students and Bengali people, and the VSSUTians reciprocated with cheers and laughs. AKASH GUPTA, stole all the limelight, literally and figuratively, as everyone laughed till their bellies hurt.

Vassaunt 2k18

Everything went fine until the 2nd day, then something happened which turned all the happiness into sorrow, the quarrel between some of the students led to the cancellation of the third day and the whole college went into a state of trauma, but then something happened which the authorities had never expected: the whole college united together for a strike demanding to re-organize the third day of the fest. At first the authorities denied to accept the demand, but after one whole day of strike the unity of students broke the authority and they accepted the demand.

The Strike

On 21st of April, the third day of VASSAUNT was reorganized and it was not just a one-day fest, but a thousand emotions. The day kick started with ‘The Scribbled Stories’ workshop, hosted by the co-founder of the page, Mr Omair Tarique. It was an interactive session along with an audience of more than 200 aspiring intellects. The workshop made the audience learn how they can express a lot in just a little. Galaxy 2018 made up about the major part of the afternoon. It was the last celebration for most of the final years, felicitating all the achievers and others who had excelled in earning name and fame in their four years in the institute. The final years reminisced the very last moments of their college life after taking a sneak peek at the recently launched GALAXY 2018. It was fun, frolic and entertaining in all its senses. The night was as glorious as it could have ever been. EDM Artist, Akade was the show stopper, as that night students displayed their ecstasy through their crazy moves on the ground to the EDM beats. The open air theatre had become the dome of dust, along with a utopia of uninterrupted excitement. It created an aura of togetherness, building bonds between the beautifully blossomed hearts of VSSUTians.

‘Hostel welcome’ the word is enough for the first years to give them goosebumps. With another year, another batch experienced what hostel welcome means in VSSUT. This night was as memorable for second years as the first night for a newly-wed bride. Oh! Sorry, did I say second years? Okay, replace the word second year with first year. Oh yes, you are not a second year until you pass that night successfully. Well, the freshers made a lot of memories that night which is going to stay with them forever.

One of the major highlights of this year was TEDx VSSUT. The university conducted its first edition of TEDx on 30th September 2018. The event was organized in collaboration with the EDP Cell, VSSUT, Burla under the license of TED. All the tickets were sold within an hour of its release which showed the excitement of students for the event. A total of 17 speakers shared their ideas on the theme of the event – ‘SOLVING THE UNSOLVED’.  It was a grand success thanks to the EDP cell and the college authorities for organising such a great event. We hope to see VSSUT organising such events in the near coming future.

The TEDx Team

Talking about the town, last year Burla broke the 36-year record of highest rainfall which made the year memorable in another way. Last year was a great year for foodies too, as the most delicious biryani, shawarma roll and momos were introduced in the town which reign every VSSUTian’s taste buds.


Last year was full of changes, joy and togetherness. There were some amazing things that took place and there were also some not-so-amazing stuffs that went by, but 2018 was one heck of a year and that cannot be denied. We hope that this year will be more amazing and joyful than the last one. Team ViSSion wishes you a happy new year!

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