Relationship between VSSUT floors and Cow dung

By:Ankeet Pradhan

(Note : Before I start writing on this topic, I would want to ask, are you guys even serious? I just came across the Mechanical department and there was a huge pile of fresh cow dung on the floor. So, I already have an extra reason to write this, cause I nearly saved myself from stepping on it.)

Imagine the same college in a different place, say UP. This thing wouldn’t have fucking bothered anyone. Yogi Adityanath would have encouraged kids of all colleges to follow it as a trend. (and not to forget, extra grades for drinking ‘gau mutra’). Ok, now fuck that idea of our college existing in some other place. It does hurt every student in our college when it’s literally ‘shit’ all around. Professors mess up with your peace of mind because you are late to the class. But, do they really know? Do they really know the struggle we go through early in the morning, jumping over the shits (okay, cow dungs). Ah! Not really. I was just kidding.

Say what, the actual relationship between the college floors and the cow dungs is very remarkable. It feels like this relationship is older than the college itself. And literally nobody gives a damn about it. There’s a reason why nobody does that. Professors are busy completing the syllabus. Dean of students’ welfare is busy with students’ welfare (or maybe not). The Vice Chancellor is busy making the campus fully Wi-Fi enabled. Peons are busy providing the teacher with “chai-biscuit”. Then there comes us, the students, we are pretty much on our own, as you all already know.

Moreover, the cows in this place are really really smart. They actually know they will be screwed if they ever appeared around the main entrance. Plus, the grass is always fresh and green in front of the ETC department. So, who is the real winner?

Recently, the college installed dustbins all around, inside the campus. Nice initiative, I appreciate that. I hope students here will gradually learn how to use it. Yeah true! It’s not that easy to get rid of bad habits. Like, dumping anything in the drain  closest to the canteen, and spitting exactly where it says “thanks for not spitting”. But coming to the matter of discussion, will the college authorities ever know the filthiest thing one could find in the campus is cow dungs and not plastic wastes. There are chances that finding number of cow dungs in the campus will be more than the number of placements (sorry, LOL!).

Kanan Gill in one of it’s stand up shows rightly said that the nation is progressing “But, there’s a cow. How do you cross”. Does this also apply for our college?

On a serious note, this issue of finding cow dungs in random places inside the college is actually serious. It should be mended before it gets out of hands. The existing cow dungs should be removed and the cows inside the college should be taken to some safer and greener place. Moreover, it’s not only about the cow dungs, the students and all other staffs should try keeping the college clean everywhere, because we all are in this together!

Let’s make VSSUT great again.

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