From class bunks to class representatives, from being strict to being sober, from feasts to fests, from limelight to love life, from formal to informal, from inhalers to injections and from kneel downs to tight hugs; the journey is our souvenir, a gift that batch 2018 presented us with. It began with THE THIRD BUTTON…

Just like golds and diamonds are uncovered from the earth; the impeccably impossibles, the unprecedentedly wise and the dashingly dope students are uncovered from Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology, Burla. Smartness, calmness and a little scampishness, of course, blend well with the amulet of recollections these pure and peaceful minds treasure in here. To get admission here, students need to be equally fortunate, fantastic and a favourite fandango for the four (or more) flamboyant years.

It’s day one in the hostel and whom do you not want to see around? The ‘seniors’! It’s the last day and whom do you not want to go away? The very same ‘seniors’! This is how we got ourselves adjusted in a completely different environment. If home could ever be found away from home, it was possible because we always had someone to guide us go ‘high’ or go ‘fizzy’ the right way. Truly said, certain credits can never meet a payback. We owe them for long and, probably, life long. Everything you did when we were freshers was to make us never regret getting admissions in VSSUT, Burla. We wished to do everything in our power when you were in your final years to make you never forget your admissions in VSSUT, Burla. Every treat, every fest, every guidance, every fun, every strike, every fight and every ‘healthy interaction’ right from the tip to toe; I’d have been in debt of my college life, had there been no ‘you’!

It is said, “manners maketh man.” A little rephrasing and it goes equivalent to “seniors maketh juniors.” It’d rather be very unfair to not mention that just like society mends us from being good to be better, seniors make juniors aware of the competition ahead and convert them from being the best to be better than the best. From being ‘homesick’ to being ‘hostel-sick’ happens to be the journey of ours, the super fortunate batch to obtain the love and affection of such a superb senior batch of yours. From ‘freshers’ to ‘farewell’, tears had always been an ornament we carried in our eyes; the difference was, indeed, cultivated by you in our tears. In ‘freshers’, we cried because of you and in ‘farewell’, we cried for you and today, we smile because somewhere in between, we got to cry with you…

Born in different families, brought up in different cities, studied in different schools; indifferently, nothing was much different than home. May be tomorrow we won’t get a chance to meet. May be tomorrow we get caught in the cobwebs of life. But we are sure, this part of life will always be fresh in our memories. We will always remember the powerful legacy you left behind. ‘Lucky’ would just be a meager colloquialism to have met such caring, loving, humble and friendly seniors.

We admit, it’s tough to bid you goodbye, which means we wont be able to spend time with you anymore. Who will we go to for guidance? It’s going to be a big transition for us as we try to fill the shoes you left behind.

Trust us, from ‘Kalia’ to ‘Ray’ and from ‘Lazziz’ to ‘Nikii’, for a long time, ‘treats’ are going to stay mythical… We bid thee farewell with wide smiles and tears in our eyes. We are both happy and sad at the same time to see you build your future and to miss the fun we had together which has come to an unbelievable end, respectively.

“Team ViSSion, on behalf of every junior you ever came across in your BTech in VSSUT, Burla, wishes you all the best of good luck, sound health, unending success and mighty felicitations for your future.”


  1. Kudos to the writer. Thank you so much, for this ❤️
    Wish you all a great and happy life ahead.

  2. This is beautiful …. Thanks to you peeps for penning this piece ^_^ **much love** all the very best for your future endeavors <3

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