Tradition taught us that we should never judge a book by its cover because everything that glitters is not gold and appearances are deceptive. Let bygones be bygones. Now we know, everybody has a face when home inside and another phase of the same face when home outside. And then this is quite deceptive, isn’t it? An unbiased coin can never has two similar sides. So also shall these two phases of the faces never meet. The eclipse of perplexity prevails when certain needs don’t act like being worthy of interest. Hunger and sanitation mark the initial rankings of these needs. Every engineering fresher wishes to begin the journey of uncertainties with hopes of placements, aspirations of higher grades, fear of ragging and most importantly, the aura of HOSTEL!!!

Vasistha (North), Atri (East), Kratu (West) and Marichi (South); the most primitive Halls of Residences of VSSUT, Burla constructed in the early 1960s happen to be sheltering more than a thousand population with an entire lot of facilities and amenities to please this population. Despite being old, these hostels have proved to be the base of bliss for years altogether. The names of these hostels aren’t just names of stars, they are the House of Leaders, the Haven of Ignited Minds, the Home away from Home and the House of Achievers. The final years and the pre-final years in the hostel love life, indeed. However, the sophomores after just stepping out of Pulasthya, the brand new fresher’s hall of residence, experienced the demoralisation during assimilation and excretion. But, no more…

Sources have exhilarated quietly that the honourable Chief Minister of the state, Sri Naveen Pattnaik has sponsored almost a crore to each of these hostels for renovation purposes, which the hostels have made good use of. The renovation work started during the semester vacations and is expected to terminate completely by the next 2-3 months. The renovation program basically includes taking hygienic care of the mess and the bathroom. The mess was a complete mess last semester. But, today it’s more like our home kitchen and dining. The old kitchen near the mess consisted of no chimney and hence, the roof was intensely decorated by the soot and dust of years of burnt oil. The kitchen in itself was a hot furnace. The food was cooked in an unhealthy utopia and the store room was a harbour of rats, mice and insects. There was just a single tank in which all the plates were dipped for cleaning. The water was renewed in the next meal, which sounds eerie, but true to the best of our concern for hostels. Water from coolers had a record of leakage which flooded the mess with mud and dirt. Anyway, we still had the ‘all time favourite’ old school visitors. Today, the scenario is a vista to perceive and appreciate. Increased number of windows have solved the problem of heat and dust in the kitchen. The entire kitchen had its tiles changed from top to bottom. The roof is now clean as porcelain. For washing the dishes, the tank is no more, and instead there’s a series of new taps with water gushing out 24×7 at high velocity and a large drain to not let the water clog. Water coolers have got a new room, under which is a drain, so that water doesn’t lead to a fuss anymore. The dining hall is arranged in the best possible way to adjust and manage space for more number of boarders.

The bathroom we knew once was an enigmatic arena. Boarders did go there to remove dirt off their bodies, but unfortunately, no such rule was applicable for the  bathroom itself. It was a home for all sort of waste that guys can ‘ever’ generate. But, today the bathroom seems to be very less different than that of any newly inaugurated motel. Then, the bathroom consisted of 3 basins (2 working), a big tank to store water for emergency(full of mud), 3 bathrooms (showers were the shame), 3 toilets (where spitting was always an option) and 3 washrooms (where flush was always flushed out). And now, we’ve got tiles all around beneath the foot, 4 bathrooms, 4 toilets, 3 basins, 3 large mirrors, 3 Indian washrooms and a Western washroom. The water storage and drainage facilities are way more awesome than the previous bathrooms. Automated taps and super cleaned basins are just the beauty. High profiled showers, glass racks and fibre doors prove to be a way beyond the better replacements for the old rusted showers, no racks or rods and the timber doors in the bathrooms. Naphthalene balls in the basins and toilets make us feel like home. Jet sprinkler, commode, automatic flush and modern exhaust techniques in the washrooms have just taken the process of excretion in hostels to a whole new level. There are 6 bathrooms in each hostel and perhaps they’ve become a real nice place to visit now-a-days…

Beside bathrooms and the mess, small renovations have also taken place in and outside of the hostel premises. The entre hostel was cleaned during the vacation and walls were plastered and painted with marvel. The main gate to the hostel door has now a path of newly embedded tiles. Finally, after so many years, VSSUT guys saw a revolution in the way they always had lived in (adjusted in, to be very precise). Proper supply and sanitation make cruxes easy for both the staff and students. Each boarder in these hostels is glad to witness these changes. Sarcastically, we can have at least something to flaunt our feats, being a VSSSUTian, no matter if it’s the college or the hostel itself!!!


    1. At least wait for the renovation to complete. Besides, an information regarding the fundings and spendings in each of these hostels on renovation would be welcomed by all the stakeholders. That would clear the smoke for sure.

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