MUN 3.0: MUNtage of opinions, MUNtras for peace!

“If you are a diplomat, MUN is the most accurate altar.”

The cultural fiesta of VSSUT, Burla, VASSAUNT 2K7TEEN espied VSSUT  Model United Nations  3.0 on the 17th and 18th day of Feb 2017. The organizing committee(OC) constituting the collaboration of several seniors and juniors led hands of cooperation towards the synthesis of a humongous success to this mega event of the Literary Society of VSSUT, Burla.

The Organising Committee was divided into several sub-categories, where  members served their best in bringing this event a colossus of success. Being in a government institute, the foremost load was that of getting the apt budget and a behemoth of permission letters, designed by the drafting team, getting signed by the authorities in charge. However, everything went fine as expected because of the diligence engraved in each OC member’s bones. It was followed by a  complete one month workshop programmed for students to formulate liable diplomacies instantaneously on their own. The hospitality team besteaded the participants from other colleges in cases of accommodation as well as vindication.

With all troughs and crests, ‘The Day’ arrived with a titan of quick diplomacy by audacious diplomats. Delegates from all round the Odisha MUN circuit had participated, all with the same debating cognizance and victorious attire. The Secretary General,Mr. Abhishek Patra and the Deputy Secretary, Mr.Sadasiba Sahu inaugurated the occasion and the most prominent members of the circuit embellished the varsity of Executive Boards(EB). An eminent quantum of in house participation too accelerated the 3 councils, i.e., UNODC, UNGA SOCHUM and the AIPPM. The council proceedings on the basis of their respective agendas went impeccable and the International Press Committee(IPC) members left no symptom to transmogrify the final reports of VSSUT  MUN 3.0, prepared by the IPC Chief, Sourav Mishra, to the best of their wit and critic.

On the final note, the 2-day event with 6 sessions all in all came to a halt and then came the time for the appreciations and recognitions. The best delegates and honorable mentions were recognized by the Chair and Vice Chair of each council. All the OC members were appreciated for their team work and hardships, they went through. The Secretary General announced the closure of the council, bidding a vote of thanks. The Archangel of MUNning fun came to rest.

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