GAMUT 2k17- The Engine to Production

The students and staff of Production Department, VSSUT, Burla, decked up and hosted a brand new edition, of their annual department fest, GAMUT-2k17. The two day fest was held on 24-25th of February and spanned over a wide range of technical events, fun events, guest lectures and the interaction among the existing batches of the department.

The fest was presided over by the Head of Department, and Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Debadutta Mishra. The chief guests were Mr.Susant Kumar Guru, Mr. Satya Narayan Nanda, and Mr.Prabhat Kumar Panda. The speakers motivated all the students and faculty of the department to move forward towards the broad horizon of opportunities lying in the field of production and manufacturing as well as the scope of research and development.

The first day kick started with a number of events, hosted by the students all related to the technicalities of the department. The events were:

  1. CAD Modelling: This even required participants to create pioneering models using CAD
  2. Ingenium: The participants had to come up with innovative ideas in the field of production and manufacturing.
  3. Paper Presentation: Participants had to present their ideas in a lucid manner on pen and paper. The topic was ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’.

The events engrossed the students with  massive participation from all the batches on the first day. The zeal to come up with something original in all the events was evident in the crowd. The coordinators judged the participants based on innovation, timing and consistency of the idea with the present technologies and its sustainability in the near future. The first day came to an end with a final address to students by the Professors.

Day two had in store all the fun events organized by students and grabbed the attention of one and all. The events were:

  1. Darts: The usual game of darts.
  2. Minute to Win It: The star attraction of the day,consisting of 7 games. The participants had to work this one out in groups. Each group was given a total of 7 fun and short games which they had to complete within a minute. The winner was selected based on timing and the number of precisely completed tasks.
  3. Mystery Hunt: This event required the participants to be in groups and go out on a quest. The team solving mysteries based on clues wins the game.

The fun events were followed by lunch and GAMUT 2k17 came to a close on the second day with the address by the HOD to, all the students of the department

In all, GAMUT -2k17, The Annual Fest of Production Department brought together all the faculty members, students and staff members and everyone contributed to the best of their abilities to this great endeavor and all the production-eers in unison, made the fest, a success.

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  1. Hi, great to see Gamut striding forward. If two day workshops can be added to the schedule it would actually help department student to interact with the latest happenings in industry and research in academia.

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