Spring Fest’16 IIT KGP: All Events


Spring Fest, popularly known as SF, is the annual social & cultural festival held at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur during the month of January. Held for 4 nights and 3 days on the last weekend of January, it welcomes students from across the nation to join in and compete in over 40 events, based on fields such as art and photography, debating, theater, music, quizzing, dance, fine arts and more.

Our students bagged a hefty number of prizes by participating in various events this year as well.

Siwalik Mishra and Shilpa Srivastava finished 3rd both in Ad Zap, the short ad film making contest and India Calling, the paper presentation event. Ad Zap was a war of wits and creativity. The objective was to come up with a catchy one-liner to sell a home security system that could be controlled using a smart phone. India calling was a case study competition, based on the topic “Social implications of Internet of Things”. The case study was required to cover approach, specific social need, outcome, impact and several such specifications.

Tadasa Tanwi aced it in Face Canvas, the face painting event by bagging the 1st prize. It sure must have been a lot of fun to imprint one’s artistic skills over a patient visage. Ayush Sinha and team scored 2nd in Rangoli and Finger painting event.

Team Emotica, our very own group of livewires, scooped the 3rd prize in Rangmanch the inter-collegiate stage play competition, by showcasing their “dramebaaz” creativity and expression. Their performance was a testament to their excellence in the trades of dramatics, such as acting, script writing and direction.

Kudos to all the spirited participants. Everyone who has ever attended SF will tell you experiencing Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur at least once in your college days is a must. So gear up for SF 2k17 and we hope we see even more names in the Spring Fest article for next year.

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