EMoTICA at RANGMANCH – Hall of Fame of Spring Fest


Here comes an update about EMoTICA, which is considered as one of the Best Dramatics Club among the varsities of Odisha!

             The 57th edition of Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur, one of the largest socio-cultural fests of India saw a whopping 10,000 plus record-breaking number of guests from numerous varsities of the nation. The theatrics team of EMoTICA comprising of the some of the most talented actors, faced a restive competition from 22 odd accomplished teams at the stage play event – RANGMANCH. Prepared within a short span of 10 days, the play performed by EMoTICA in the prelims was astounding and an iconoclast, which was an amalgamation of serious reverberating issues of BEEF-BAN, HOMOSEXUALITY and WITCHCRAFT. The 15-minute play was not just picturesque, but was full of comic punches leaving the audience with stomachs that ached from laughing too hard.

With a galvanized audience and the highest scores among the participating teams, EMoTICA stormed into the finals with the sequel of the prelim’s script in the attire of the blockbuster Arnab Goswami’s NEWS-OUR-SHOW! The parody even marked the bizarre entry of Lord Indra raising the Chennai flood issue and added to many more awestruck moments.

Apart from bagging the Third Position in the RANGMANCH competition, Team EMoTICA also landed the BEST DIALOGUES AWARD and the BEST ACTOR (FEMALE) AWARDS which were jointly won by FREYA RAY (2nd year) and SALINI PANDA (2nd year). Moreover, Kolkata’s edition of the national newspaper ‘The Statesman’, dated 9th Feb 2016, also featured Team EMoTICA’s mesmerizing performance which had set new standards of stage play in RANGMANCH.

Spring Fest is one of the most challenging platforms the theatrics industry could possibly offer. The monumental achievements of Team EMoTICA at IIT, Kharagpur only commensurate with the hard work and sheer dedication and perseverance of the actors. The impression they left with the audience is still extant. Moreover, for EMoTICA, being a winner is only an instrument to what they have to accomplish in the near future.


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