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Who are we?

 “We imagine we explore and we innovate”

We are a bunch of technocrats from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (formerly UCE) located amidst the chaste expanse of nature in Burla, Odisha. We are driven by an acute zest for learning technological advancements and happenings in the modern world, and endeavour in applying the theoretical learnings in to realistic projects.

What we do?

A week long fun Robotic events-"ROBOGAMES"
A week long fun Robotic events-“ROBOGAMES”

VSSUT Robocon has been a regular participant in the national event portraying the technicalities and innovation. The Robocon team has endeavoured in the event by being the top team from Odisha. 

What is Robocon?

The Asia-Pacific Robot contest(ABU Robocon) is an international Robotics  competition which witnesses the best robots from various nations competing against each other for a particular task based on a certain theme which changes every year, increasing the challenge. Only one top team from each nation is allowed to compete in the international stage.

What have we accomplished so far?

Established in 2009, team Vssut from an origin of a few students has grown to a diverse group of 50 students, who all have one thing in common: to let their imagination meet innovation.Since then our students have brought a bunch full of achievements from various premier institutes like IITs and NITs across India by bagging 1st rank  in various competition.The team backed a rank of 7 at E-yantra held at IIT Bombay 2014 and had came up with flying colours with a rank of AIR 27 in Robocon-15 and AIR 4 inRobocon-11.This year also we are planning to participation Robocon 2016.The preparation has already started and has come a long way-from solid works design in laptop to the actual structural fabrication. Stuffs and ideas are ready and now it’s only the financial crisis holding us from carrying out the rest of the stuffs.


Why are we crowdfunding?

We are student driven robotics team which rely solely on grants and funds collected from different sources. Financial crisis has been a major hindrance to us.Without people like you, we won’t be able to implement our ideas to real life projects. By helping us, you will be contributing in supporting imaginative minds to innovate.Your helping hand will provide us resources to invest in materials, equipment’s, registrations and other necessary stuffs.

Why should you sponsor us?

We everyday put in our effort to achieve a new standard, to be a benchmark in the field of engineering dealing with robotics. We apply the very fundamental rules of engineering in the development of products and what we do here is not only engineering but Imagineering and innovation. We have a promising attitude to excellence and commitment. We have been participating in Robocon from last 7 years and has brought glory to University bagging Air-27 and Air 4 in 2014 and 2011 emerging as Rank 1 team in Odisha

How will your money be used? 



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