12057090_483044961877998_1047083636_nComing from a writer anonymous, a nobody with little to no experience in coding – if I say that Enigma’s orientation was like a black hole pulling in everybody, it sure as hell won’t be an understatement.

Yes, there was a stagnant layer of heat and a veil of darkness. Yes, the odds were against them. But all those were denied by the cool, calm and enlightening coding spirit residing in the building. I’ve been to inauguration events, many a welcome ceremonies and a dozen more orientation programs. They were good, but limited by the mist of awkwardness originating from the relatively new relations being forged. Instead, what I witnessed were a sea of faces united by a common passion to do something beyond the ordinary.

As I surfed across the young faces in the crowd, I saw energy and enthusiasm glistening along with beads of sweat.

I don’t know all of the people behind this Magnus Opus, called Enigma. I definitely don’t know all of the people who united their blood and sweat to shoulder the foundation upon which the younger minds now rest.

But yes, I do know a few.

I might seem a bit biased when I say this, but I think the teachers of CS department are uber cool. My notion is not ghetto loyalty, since I belong to a separate branch. The notion roots from the effort they put in for the advancement of coding, and in general, for learning. A special shout out to Dr. Rakesh Mohanty, Dr. Amiya Kumar Rath and Mr. Sujaya Kumar Sathua, for every person that I turned to, he/she seemed indebted to them for making all this possible.

Then again, there are these two guys – clowny and divided at times, but literally the manifestations of Batman in the coding sub-verse of VSSUT-

“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

Or you could even say-
“It’s not who they are underneath, but what they do that defines them.”

I give you the masterminds behind Enigma- Keshow Sablaka and Abhishek Lath. Right from pondering about the lack of a proper coding club to penning down the name; from seeing the pattern in an otherwise unbreakable code to bringing in the bits and pieces together- they struggled but they made it happen.

All they had was a concept, and a conviction.

All they have now, is a club and an ever bigger dream to scale the skies.

Wishing the club success, I drop my pen. Or should I say- writer anonymous signs out.


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