Chandi Sarangi : Samavesh 2015


1) A man of many talents . You were known to be a part of Souls, Quizzine and robotics in your freshman year. What made you run for the post of Samavesh secretary?

Chandi Sarangi

Ans : What echoes through all of this is that I have had an innate urge to participate in anything and everything since childhood. The penchant to see VSSUT’s name depicted positively in print media and otherwise brushing aside any negative image that existed previously motivated me.The post seemed more alluring because of the challenge it presented. Also, a big vote of thanks to all my friends who wanted to see me become the secretary!

2)There were a lot of hiccups before the fest,especially the date issue. How did you manage to convince the administration for a date shifting?

Ans: The secretary selection this time had happened quite late .It was decided that samavesh was going to be held from the 6th to the 8th of February which was not feasible at all. Changing the dates of predetermined events in this college can prove to be a herculean task. As such I tried to reach out to everyone: starting from the clerks at the lower rungs of the ladder to the  Vice Chancellor at the highest rung. It surely took a lot of convincing on my part. But thanks to our VC sir, it got sorted out.

3)For a mega event like samavesh, funds and financing play a pivotal role. In retrospect, did you see the sponsorship troubles coming your way?

Ans: I guess somewhere at the back of my mind , the funding problems loomed large.  Budget meeting was held pretty late as well and that proved detrimental to the monetary planning and execution. I had approached 23 companies and got lucky in persuading 3 out of them. To add to my woes , my title sponsor backed out just a week before Samavesh. I had this peculiar obsession with inviting the entrepreneur Varun Agarwal to add to the management quotient of the fest but even that did not pan out well. Nevertheless I planned that let all funds run dry,I would go forth and give people a fest worth remembering.

4)You were the henchman behind the phenomenal success of the first ever Model United Nations of VSSUT Burla . Some standards were definitely set and set high. Do you think this puts our college on the national map?

Ans: Without a doubt, VMUN 1.0 was not only the cheapest MUN ever held but also a successful one at that. Even the success of the fest could in a way be attributed to the success of our two councils. But I would like to say that it was not my brainchild , it was our brainchild : Archit’s and mine; and it was what it was because of team effort. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the core team members of Samavesh: Abhinash Panda, Archit Panda, Prithvi Mohanty, Barunendra Nanda, Jitikantha Sarangi and Prakash Dalmia.

A big vote of thanks to the MUN family:

Satyakam Panigrahi, Prateek Samantaray, Pratik Mohanty, Kumar Sourav Mohanty and Anubhav Behera and the other EB members. An even bigger token of gratitude to the coordinators who worked tirelessly without any break. They were present for providing the participants with all the amenities and even the nitty gritties down to a pen. Real proud of VMUN!

5)You have become synonymous as Shri Samavesh or Samavesh Sarangi. Did the fame come easily to you? One can’t help but think about the darker side of it? What was it like?

Ans: There was a dark side yes, but that helped improve my personality, credibility and individuality, and changed my perspective for the better!. Waiting for long hours to talk to sponsors and to get a permit for generators in college is no mean task. Before Samavesh, I had a teaspoon of patience and now it is a full body of patience. Like a dialogue from Pirates of the Caribbean goes ,” You can always trust a dishonest person to be dishonest.” Likewise I believed in my bad luck to turn bad any moment. As for fame, I truly believe in the epithet; came into limelight, went into oblivion!

6)Now that the fest has been concluded a long time back. Tell us the different phases you went through and how did you take it in your stride? The apprehensive start, the nail biting days of the fest and the relieved time you now enjoy?

Ans: As I reminisce my interview , the tired faces of my interviewers flashes before my eyes as I was the last but one applicant .They asked me my aim for samavesh and I replied with full 48 pixels cinematic movement of my head : ” redemption” and the atmosphere altered! I knew that my interview had been good enough but still seeing my name typed out as the samavesh secretary within a week of it felt surreal. My CRs were beyond supportive. I got rejected by 11 companies on the first day itself. One of the high points was definitely the astounding response I got from the first year girls and boys in their hostel .I have reacted impulsively and aggressively at times that called for great tact on my part. The first day of the fest was stressful for me and  it tested me on all levels. But the second day proved to be a blessing in the form of smartly dressed MUNNERS and the astounding participation in the treasure hunt. The fact is , my fest work got over just a couple of days back for real. Now I am but another final year guy nevertheless, the knowing glances and smiles that follow me are priceless.  Contrary to being relieved, pre-placement jitters knock at my door as of now !

7)Pressure to perform gives way to the perseverance to prosper. Your say on this? Let us in on your mantra to success?

Ans: For me , the only mantra is that I believe in smart work more than hard work. Nervous energy has never worked wonders for me personally. And once I wake up I fragment the problem and deal with the immediate concerns that can be rectified. For I believe if you can do it, you must do it. I am a bit superstitious regarding some particularities, wherein I believe that if this trivial thing works out so will the rest of it! And things will go my way thereafter.

8)Finally, what do you wish to say about ViSSion and any message that you want to convey to your juniors?

Ans: Though not a part of it, I felt some sense of pride and achievement at our E-Newsletter being launched. I was skeptical about it matching up to the high standards set by ‘Monday Morning’. But then I read the articles and felt a level of satisfaction at par with the success of the fest. The literary society (Eclites) and ViSSion have contributed to the MUN in terms of funds and support .Now I understand the true meaning of being a leader . Whenever India used to win , Mahindra Singh Dhoni never stepped forth to receive the rewards an the accolades an it puzzled me beyond understanding . But when the final year seniors of mine were dancing to the tunes of the songs happily and nonchalantly, I stood alone being a silent observer , away from the limelight and the reason struck me .I would cherish that moment for a lifetime! When I first joined here in Burla, I had problems with the infrastructure , was scared of ragging and my First year went by in a jiffy of problems. But, instead of just cribbing about it ,one should do something for the college no matter how ridiculously small! We study in a college coming from where the first question I was asked by my relatives was not regarding academics , but rather whether I had faced any sort of ragging or abuse! That mental picture is changing and for the better. I myself oversaw the curbing of any such activities in Samavesh and I had been greatly successful in my initiative. I hope I could organize a fest by the students , for the students and of the STUDENTS!

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