VEOHM – The Freedom to Fly


As India woke up to her 69th year of Independence, the students of Sanskar Kendra and the various cultural clubs of VSSUT, namely Vibranz, Souls & Dramatics Club brought us ‘VEOHM – freedom to fly’. VEOHM (which literally means ‘the sky’) was the concept born to betoken our positive mindsets, the unharnessed power of youth. VEOHM is not just a mere celebration, but a commemoration of transcendence, fortitude & willpower. 15th August, 1947 gave us much more than freedom. It taught us a very simple yet significant lesson-“Dare, and change will follow”.

VEOHM was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor by lighting of lamp in presence of other esteemed faculty members of the varsity. The event began with an exemplary performance by a group of cheerful kids aged between 8 and 12, from Sanskar Kendra. The performance awed the audience and the applauses refused to settle even after the act ended. The talent, the little buds carried along with the gleaming smile in their eyes despite the crux, was laudable.

The quintessence of every cultural function lies in the dramatics act and VEOHM was no exception. The dramatics club performed an act, the theme of which was a conglomeration of eve teasing, the harsh truth of reservation, corruption & honor killing. Every member of the act, elegantly simulated the character assigned, so much so that the audience could connect with every part of the play. Devyani Chowdhury, 4th year was the narrator of the entire play. Pritam Acharya, 3rd year ETC, played the character of a corrupt cop & captivated the audience with his jocular remarks. Aaditya Mohapatra, 2nd year, ETC played the role of a corrupt MLA’s son. His audacity, and aggressive behavior as an eve teaser as well as a robust opposer of love marriage, kept the audience enthralled till the end. Anushka Santoshi & Vanshika Santoshi, 2nd year, Architecture played the role of the victims of eve teasing. They reciprocated to the injustice done to them quite sturdily, which is something the present youth needs to inhibit in them. Sar Buland, 2nd year, Civil played the role of a corrupt politician with Shrestha Mohapatra, 2nd Year, Chemical played the role of her associate quiet aptly, just as the reality embarked on us. Priyambada Pradhan, 3rd year ETC & Sanchit Kumar Behera, 2nd year, ETC were seen portraying the root problem of reservation & the harsh sides of it in the most appalling way. Prityush Sahu, 2nd year & Mousumi Suman Choudhury played the role of Mahatma Gandhi & Sarojini Naidu respectively. They did perfect justice to the characters assigned. Freya Ray, 2nd year Civil & Soham Padhi, 2nd year ETC were assigned the role of a Hindu Girl & Muslim Boy respectively, who wanted to marry but were opposed by the hostile society.  Rispa Panda, 3rd EE was imputed with the role of Mother India. Mother India was shown to be mortified and painted red by the evils of the society towards the end of the play. But when the goodness of the society started barging in large numbers, the evils were bound to be nothing but, confronted and defeated. And mother India was seen once again rising with pride. Every member of the play came out on the stage as hard as nails. The entire act garnered the praises of the entire audience present.

The act was followed by a mellifluous performance by the entire SOULS club- the official music club of VSSUT, Burla. Their theme was ‘patriotism’. The soulful tones brought everybody down the memory lane, and gave a flashback of the petrifying freedom struggle days, the bloodshed, the sacrifices & the victory that superseded hence. It was a truly motivating performance by the entire team which mainly consisted of performers from 2nd year & 3rd year of the varsity. The songs garnered emotions of all for their own nation.

Just as the saying goes, “All’s Well That Ends Well”. The VIBRANZ team of the university emerged as the showstopper. The team graced the commemorations with their energetic stage performance which won them the admiration from the entire gathering in the auditorium. Their performance was based on Child Labor, Honor Killing & Child Marriage. The essence of the act was how India is abided by social stigmas, while we woke up to the sunshine of the 69th Independence Day. The costumes, stage design, the elegant postures & the enthusiasm of the performers as well as the audience added flavor to the performances. The team made sure that the audience dances along with them, adding to the fervor of the performance. It was truly a gripping performance by the entire team which garnered a standing ovation from the entire gathering.

When the cultural clubs of VSSUT get together, it always becomes a grand affair & so did it happen. The function was concluded with the national anthem being sung in unison by the entire gathering, adding to the patriotic fervor. VEOHM was indeed a toast to the dauntless hearts.

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