The Canteen Story


This place is said to be the ‘omphalos’ of exuberant college activities, the place that remains busy from wake hours to the dusk when the college officially suspends for the day; the place where encounters and appointments are all the same, the place where mouths are always busy; the place that becomes an indestructible monument in our memory for years and years to be nostalgic of some candid joyous moments that everyone has spent there. Yes, friends, this is a place where every table has a story to tell, where friends gathered and ate together gossiping the tales of the day. As I open to you the doors of our COLLEGE CANTEEN, I presume you will all definitely trudge back the lanes of your days in college and find these ‘CANTEEN’ moments make you wonder, “Are Wah Wo Bhi Kya Deen The!!”

I would not say a Canteen becomes attention-grabbing only by its facilitative infrastructure; innovative food-preparation methods, a large assortment of delicacies or its customer-friendly rates, rather by the factor how students find it conducive for their friendly association, because far from being too much gourmand, students prefer to spend a quality time with their colonies of cronies, to brush up with recent information regarding the going-about of the college and even running the rumour mills. VSSUT CANTEEN NO.1 proudly proclaims to be the one befitting this description. Just six long tables with six chairs for each are all that make it always occupied by students or teachers or even staff of the college. Starting with the edibles, the Canteen serves the four prime-meals of a day. For breakfast, it has Vada, Samosa, Bread-chop, and all fried bakes that make up a tummy-full Indian breakfast. The services of Cold-Coffee, Lassi, Blue-Mocktails are impromptu. For Lunch and Dinner it has ‘Thali’ or plate systems that encompass the healthiest home-made food items that one hungry stomach can solely relish paying just a fifty for vegetarian and a sixty for non-vegetarian meal. In the evening you can favor a plate of French fries or Pakodas with tea or coffee. To sum it up, there would never be any complaint regarding the service of food items because they are tasty, cheap and timely served and moreover the canteen manager makes it a point to add a new item to the menu every week.

But, the very euphoric spectrum lies in those who visit this place very frequently. For they say Canteen is the place where one is distanced off from the throes of study pressure, momentarily; you eat with your friends, share morsels, gossip and guffaw, play pranks and argue and do many more – they ease you out of many complications that await your departure. Yes, truly, because there in our canteen you will find pals in groups jabber about teacher’s anomalous behaviours, any breaking incident that has whirled the authority’s intervention, newly achievements and more recurrently about the happenings in the lives of the popular love-birds. At one corner, you can see a group of chirpy boys and girls take their places and order their items, and at one corner you can see a romantic pair stealing themselves from the prying eyes of people, conversing with each other as well as slurping drinks. There in a far-off corner you can even see a group of teachers who make this place a spot of their organization, and some doting teachers even cast a look around the canteen to mark any known student absenting from classes. The crowd swells up when the season of cricket matches arrive, for a newly-undertaken arrangement of the canteen manager to display the match on a projector-screen inside the canteen has made cricket-lovers jostle against each other to find place in the canteen. Moreover, during fests or any seminar, the canteen becomes sardine-packed. To all these scenes, the canteen contractor is a passive observer, for that man is youngster in his twenties who runs the canteen with two of his friends and with the help of a middle-aged lady who looks after the canteen kitchen. The man is sociable and welcoming, and might be a motive to push his customer list near to endlessness. During the day the canteen remains engrossed in chaos, restlessness and ballyhoo, but post evening, when students return to their hostels; it becomes the most serene place. With a silent peaceful music running through the ambience, the visitors come have their meal and depart.

It is indeed incontrovertible that COLLEGE CANTEEN is a place for the students, where youth and friskiness bubble. Our canteen has the best of that effervescence that every student would love to bask in. Even after we all graduate and place ourselves far from each other, these times spent in the canteen will remind us of our canteen-mates, our friend circles, and tie us all together to one common memory to retrospect. Yes guys and girls, if are still there, then visit the canteen with your circle of friends, talk and laugh with them, make a memorable CANTEEN DAY of ours, that you will, years after, recount to your children your “CANTEEN DAYS”.

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