Bivas Rath : A Man of Many Talents

Mr. Bivas Rath
Mr. Bivas Rath


The willful ability to comprehend, the calculative path to solve, the tactful way to attack…not all of us are blessed with such dextrous qualities; a quizzard is. To mere outsiders, like us, this quizzing business may appear to be a bit ambiguous; messy…one of such battle bearers in the field of quizzing is Bivash Rath.

Meet Bivash Rath, Roll no-13050223, Department- physics. This is how the interview with our chief editor turns out to be…

TEAM VISSION : What made you enter the gigantic and never ending world of quizzing?

Ans- I entered into the world of quizzing by chance. I thought what I knew was enough, but the sheer knowledge of participants and of the quizmaster amazed, dazzled and left me with a big question. Do I know enough? The answer was clear, I didn’t. And that quest or thirst to know more is what drove me in.

TEAM VISSION : Who do you idolize as your inspiration in quizzing? And why?

Ans- Soubhagya Jena. The reason…He is the most humble and helpful persons and his ability to crack questions, remember facts and analyse a question, to derive its answer is truly commendable.

TEAM VISSION : I want an honest confession, is quizzing more about calculative bluffing than memorized knowledge?

Ans- Well bluff can never be calculative. That’s why it is a bluff. And memorizing isn’t possible, at          least retrieving facts at the right time isn’t feasible at all educated guess and sharp memory instead of bluff and random memorization is what it takes.

TEAM VISSION : What is the pinnacle of achievement for any quizzer? That he/she can say “now I am one of the best”?

Ans- If a quizzer says on any given day, or if anyone feels that he or she is the best, then that day is the last day they would celebrate .No achievement is satiable enough .the destination does not matters ..The journey does.

TEAM VISSION : Quizzing for you … leisure/pleasure/passion/profession?

Ans- All of the above. Substitute profession with avocation and you get the complete answer.

TEAM VISSION : You have reached a credible height in quizzing . who will you give away the credit/credits?

Ans- The credits will entirely go to Odisha Quiz Association, Quizzine and my parents for never losing their patience with my unending streak of quizzes at the expense of my academics.

TEAM VISSION : Tell us bit about the quizzing scenario in VSSUT Burla. How can it be improved?

Ans- The quizzing scene in VSSUT is really promising. We have lots of interested and enthusiastic quizzers. But they lack a platform .An I humbly request the college authorities to make Quizzine the official club, grant the students a room to function and hold sessions. If the college just help the students with this much, then our students will take the college to heights no one ever imagined.

TEAM VISSION : When it comes to quizzing, either you can be a quizmaster or a quizzard .how different is achieving mastery one from the other?

Ans- A quizmaster is just a title. It’s not about being omniscient. You just have to be an authority on the question you prepare for the quizzards. For me it is more challenging to don the hats of a master . as a master you have to have a balanced set of questions which carter to the tastes of everyone ,which shouldn’t  be too difficult or too easy ,should be informative and God knows how many criteria to be filled.So,it’s a tad bit difficult.

TEAM VISSION : But which one do you like more? On a lighter note, Bivash as quizmaster goes unchallenged because it gives “some scope” to other participants to shoot for the title?

Ans- Sorry to disappoint you with the answer, but I love to be a participant .the rush in a quiz ,the hectic calculations the strategy analysis within a limited timeframe is what adds to the beauty of a quiz and being a participants lets you live the exciting journey of a quiz.

TEAM VISSION : Let’s end it on a ‘high’. The greatest ‘quizzing’ moment of your life?

Ans- I believe it’s still to come. Waiting for a ‘high’… which is good enough.

TEAM VISSION : Few message for VISSion and some message you want to convey to quiz –starters

Ans- If you believe in a cause, then purse it with full passion. That’s all that it needs to ‘achieve’.


Ans- I have been in VSSUT since 2013 and honestly VISSion has been the best thing that has happened to VSSUT since that time.

TEAM VISSION : It was an honour interviewing you THE Bivash PhEnomEna..Its true to say “There’s more to you than meets the eye”

Ans- It is an honour to appear on the VISSion .I shall strive to eat up your space more often than not.


Bivash Rath has willfully proved his mettle in the field of quizzing. Recently(In the year 2015) he participated in the TATA CRUCIBLE quiz 2015 organised by the Tata group, securing a first position in the regional round and a tied third position in the finals. He participated in the NOESIS 2015 GENERAL Quiz and the NOESIS 2015 TECHNOLOGY Quiz, organised at the Silicon institute of technology, getting the first and third prize respectively. He too participated in the NOESIS 2015 business quiz organised by the silicon institute of technology, bagging the first position. Thereafter, he secured the first position in the PERCEPTION 2015 technology quiz, organised by college of engineering and technology. Pursuing his passion, he too bagged the first and third prize at the BRAIN-o-quiz and MELAS quiz, organised by the International management of institute and the KIIT fest respectively.

2014 marked his participation in the TATA CRUCIBLE campus quiz (Ranchi) 2014, organised by the Tata group, securing the second position. Futhermore, he too participated in the QUIZZICUS INDICA, organised by the Odisha quiz association, bagging the first prize in it.

Lot many quizzing events marked his presence as a quizmaster in them.Bivash as a quizmaster hoisted the –Inter DAV School quiz organised by the DAV Association Bhubaneswar (2014).he too appeared as the quizmaster in MS TECH challenge (2015) organised by Microsoft developers group Odisha chapter, PCRA Fuel savings league city round-Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, PERCEPTION 2015 business quiz by CET Bbsr, ADITYA memorial quiz –intra school, organised at Loyola school.

Keeping apart quizzes, Bivash also participated in X-factor talent show and Crosstalk-debate competition ,organised by International Management of Institute, claiming the second and first prize respectively.

He in collaboration with an independent production house of odisha namely ‘THE INCENDIARY FILMS ‘composed the background score for their short films and documentaries. The documentary on Sir Sudershan Patanaik ‘Dreaming with Sand’ has received accolades worldwide.

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