SANGHARSH – An effort for a huge change


Organised by the SSG Soceity,

This initiative is a step to bring forward the loopholes in the education system as well as mentality of people through a cross platform discussion and sharing of ideas.

Secy. Mukesh Panch Says,

We are a group of students who have been working towards social welfare through imparting complete education in the two slums nearby our university from last 10 years and have got remarkable results the so far like 100% results in matriculation, state rank 43 in diploma entrance test, a high rise in literacy and decreasing rate of alcoholism and school drop outs and up to some part in inculcating moral values in them.

Due to such intensive involvement in this field at ground level we came to the conclusion that it is the lack of complete education (physical, social and moral) which is the root cause of all the problems ranging from corruption to human trafficking.

We have planned to organize a conference of all voluntary organizations working in this field, to share their views about what role voluntary organizations can play in imparting complete education, what changes are necessary in current education system and how it can be implemented, on 28th and 29th March 2015. This event named “SANGHARSH” – an effort for a change, will witness NGOs, student bodies, voluntary organizations and administrative bodies discussing on the above topic on a single cross discussion platform.


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