IIsc Bangalore : Nano Science and Engineering


INTERVIEWEE : Sheelpi Pati

TEAM VISSION : How was your experience? Did you got enough or sufficient time apart from your work schedule during the training?

Ans : I was selected as an Indian academy of sciences fellow through which I got an opportunity for an internship at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It was a great experience. I did my research at Nano science and engineering dept. Yes, I got sufficient time apart from my work schedule during training. Every Saturday and Sunday eve we visited many places at Bangalore. Whenever I was free, I was exploring IISc. I would say 2 months were also not sufficient to explore IISc completely.

TEAM VISSION : How did you get to know about this training procedure?

Ans :  I knew about this training procedure from my elder brother. I suggest everyone to keep in touch with seniors, they will help you a lot and of course, surfing Google is not all a bad idea.

TEAM VISSION : Was there any funding for this?

Ans : I used to get 8000 per month ,out of which they took 4500 per month for fooding and accommodation.

TEAM VISSION : By how much ease a normal undergrad student can get this internship cum training in general companies?

Ans : In this case I would say, I am also a normal undergrad student with a standard Cgpa . You need decent cgpa and high determination.

TEAM VISSION : When can one apply for this and what are the eligibility criteria?

Ans : You can apply for this till November. You should b a 2nd yr or 3rd year btech /mtech/Msc/bsc/PhD student with decent cgpa.

TEAM VISSION : A visit to any place is incomplete without a visit to its famous sightseeing places. Any experience of yours you would like to share ?

Ans : The best part of this internship is you will have friends from different states of India. Learn their culture. I went to Lalbagh with my friends.

TEAM VISSION : What are your advises or suggestions to your juniors for this type of internship cum training programs?

Ans : Before applying I had a mind-set that I won’t get selected as definitely they will select IIT or not students, which is not true. Everything depends on how you present your ideas in the abstract.

 “Always aim for achievement, and forget about success” said by Helen Hayes.

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