A Couple Years Of the CRIC-Family

“The race is not won by the swift but by those who keep on running”.

These are not just words but experience that our team has had over the last few years, or decades. Perseverance, Patience & Hard- Work is the qualities you need to play cricket at VSSUT. Discipline is a Habit .It is not a tradition to win every tournament at home , but a legacy that still continues. We don’t lose passion in the long summers when we are not with the team. Only the 40 overs on the field does not matter in a game but the practice, tension , pain and injuries are the prime factors that determine the way we perform. The attitude on and off the pitch is what matters. We are not a team of common men, because common men go nowhere. To win we have to be a family of uncommon men.


One of the most memorable and golden days of VSSUT’s cricket history. As always this year began with old cricket balls with scattered seams, ruined pitch, broken nets and incomplete team. The season started and first years were selected. After some days, we get a tight schedule of college ending at 5:00 and practise beginning at 4:00 in the evening. For complete fitness and sufficient amount of cricket we practiced in two sessions : – Morning(5:30-7:30) and Evening (4:00 – Daylight). VSSUT has winter vacation of 20 days, we don’t. We get 10 days of home and 10 more of an isolated Burla with 30 odd engineering students.

The main scenario begins after the New Year’s, we go for tours. This year it was Sports Fiesta, NIT Rourkela. Getting selected in the squad of 15 is an achievement you always cherish, but a lucky year for our team as all the 21 members go for the tour. Then, the game begins.

                First Match vs Centurion

                                The opening match of the tournament VSSUT vs Centurion was very important for either team to win as it was a knock out tournament and losing the match meant pack your bags. This match proved to be an easy win for VSSUT and qualifying for the next round.

Second Match vs Trident

                                Though VSSUT still being undefeated to Trident, they were still tough opponents. This game proved to be myth-breaker match in VSSUT’s history as we had a zero win record while chasing a target. Chasing 130 in 20 overs we were down to 18/3 in 6 overs .who could have predicted VSSUT to win the game. A match winning knock of 54 from Chiranjeev Kar (present Captain ) who guided us to victory , and proved his mettle to be a match – finisher cleared our way to semis, where the match of the tournament was to come .

                Third Match vs. NIT, Rourkela

                                We did not come to win, but to play the game. Win or lose doesn’t matter, We went out to play like champions. To win we had to give our 200%, we did. From a ground surrounded by supporters of NIT,  our dugout was invisible . Every cheer to support our bowlers was converted to a sledged comment from spectators. The boundary fielders were having a tough time, dropping catches, and getting sledged. We were just playing, no second thoughts only a motive to win against home team. As one of the greatest matches to have ever played till date, it was also one of the best thrillers that an audience would demand. After 39 overs, the sweat of players covered the dew on the grass, the match had a result and if someone says VSSUT was lucky that day, then NO , We were not. But WE had won the game.

Finals vs IGIT, Sarang

                                After win against NIT, we were almost champions. But the finals had a surprise of its own. We reduced IGIT to 38/6 at one stage and then we lost our way and ended up on the losing side .Overall we had to settle with the runners up trophy. Though we missed a chance to get a hands on the winning one, We were still not over .

Runners up at NIT,Rkl
Runners up at NIT,Rkl


Every player in VSSUT has a dream, to play in IUSM and win. We had our chance last year and did what we do best at home, Continue the legacy. This year we didn,t have a pitch to play. Necessity being the mother of invention , We prepare one the best turfs in just 4 days with no help from college and day & night labour from team members.

First Match vs Padmanava

                                 The match was a practice game for the Home team as they easily sailed to victory, winning the match by a huge margin.

Second Match vs SILICON (w)

This was the semi- finals of IUSM. It was a tough match that went until the last ball of the match. Keeping the head calm was the key to win the game and VSSUT did that not so easily.

Finals vs GITA

GITA were runners up of the last IUSM. They were one of the toughest opponents in the tournament with some fierce pace bowling options and hard hitting batsmen in their arsenal. After 3 hours of sun bath in the blazing sun, VSSUT emerged victorious once again.

Winners of IUSM-2K14
Winners of IUSM-2K14

One Batch of our final years pass out giving something to learn and something to achieve. We take a 4 month break from playing, indulging in studies and waiting to return next season, being better than ever.

                                 Once again the season starts in mid-August with same old & some new problems. One of the biggest problems we had was to make a new pitch to play on. One month passed to complete the work left in between last season. The selections happen. We get a new complete team and only some who make it to our family.


The year 2015 began for us from 28 Dec, 2014 as the preparation for an upcoming tour to Silicon needed practise. Everyone had to leave their vacation in between. We then start for our journey to BBSR on 1 after completing our registrations.

Our match as expected on 2 January was washed out due to heavy rain.  On 3rd January again the rain gods show no mercy and still the drizzling occurred in short intervals and the ground was still wet.  4th January saw some improvement in weather conditions, It stopped raining but the cloud cover was still on. The ground was not in a condition to play as the moisture still present on the pitch postponed our match to 5th.

First Match vs Silicon (B).

                                Finally after waiting 4 days we get a chance to play ball on the pitch . Away from home , Foreign conditions , First time playing on turf wicket after practising years on matting wickets. If anything was with us , then it was our team , Our belief to win . We won the toss and elected to Bat first . Top –order collapsed and we were in a deep trouble in need of a captain’s knock. Rising to the occasion Chiranjeev Kar(Captain) played a very patient innings and completed his half century . Our team posted a respectable score of 120 . WE had a good bowling line –up and the strongest weapon spinners are always in action in a game of VSSUT. Adarsh Panda and Rashmi Ranjan Biswal were the strike bowlers of our team and Silicon (B) collapsed before reaching 3 figure mark. We won the match and found our rhythm of winning again.  

                 Second Match vs OEC

                                 Bput champions OEC were one of the toughest teams in the arena. Winning the toss again we put OEC to bowl first and looking for a big score we were again troubled by the new ball and lost early wickets. Our middle order mended our broken ship but we could not post a big score. Pratik Kumar Sharma played a brilliant innings that helped to put 90 in 15 overs .Once again it was the pressure on the bowlers to find a way to win the game. Spineers again took the charge and collapsed the top and middle order of OEC . There were some late fireworks by Lower middle order that made the match contesting and took it to last over. 8 runs of 6 balls remaining. A magical over from Rajesh Mallick stormed us into the semis and we won by taking all 10 wickets.

Semis vs Centurion

                                 Last year we had defeated centurion at NIT, rkl . They were here before and were the runners up of the previous edition . We again batted first after winning the toss and openers provided a good start . We put up an average score piling a total of 106 runs. Our bowling again did its work and restricted the opponents within two figures and won by a respective margin.

Finals vs Silicon(A)

                                We all waited for this day. Since a year passed , but the memories of a lost final was still green in our minds. We were near yet so far. Only a game was enough to make us either champions or chokers. Night before the game was sleepless. We lost the toss and were put to chase. Some tight line and length in the first five overs yielded only 6 runs and got us 2 wickets but Silicon managed to put 90 after a good show from lower order batsmen. Our openers Rajendra Prasad Nayak and Kunal Kumar Panigrahi(vice-captain) provided a dazzling start with first 6 overs accounting for 40 odd runs. Rajesh Ba also played a brilliant knock of 30 runs and helped us win the game . All the hard work  & patience had finally come into play. All the pieces falling into right place . A drought of years to win a overseas trophy ended.

Silicon cup Champions
Silicon cup Champions

Team: Chiranjeev Kar ©, Kunal Kumar Panigrahi (vc), Rajesh Ba (wk), Pratik Kumar Sharma , Alok maharana, Ram Chandra Baskey, Rashmi ranjan Biswal, Rajesh mallick, Sonu Bisoyi, Adarsh Panda, Rajendra Prasad nayak, Debasis Padhi, Siddharth Patra, Ajay Chawda, Abhilash Nayak, Sabyasachi patra.

This is not the end but just a beginning that had been stalled for seven years. Many more tours to come , Many more to win . Players come and go but the team stays together. We continue to play even with no credibility. Still there are years to come and many more cups to see the place in some articles like one.


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  1. It’s absolutely gleeful to see college sports teams getting such recognisation!!!! Well done bros!!! And atlast cheers for uce cricket family….. jai maa samlai!!

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