V-Roadies : Expect the Unexpected


Introducing V-Roadies, one of the mega events of the Annual Cultural Festival ” VaSSaUnT– 2k15″.

Rules and Regulations :

1. Participants must be above the age of 16 years and should possess necessary documentation supporting the same.
2. Participants must have the necessary physical abilities, any contestant found unfit will be denied for participation by the organizers.
3. Any physical injury caused during the contest will be the sole responsibility of the participants.
4. No physical misconduct will be tolerated.
5. Any institutional id is mandatory.
6. Participants must carry any proper identity proof other than institutional id (driving license, passport, voter’s id, adhaar card etc).



Contact Details :

Chenna : +91 8093 953 104
Sagar : +91 7537 997 194
Amrita : +91 8895 609 320
Rispa : +91 8895 883 857

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Sailesh Sahu

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