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Tremendous aura of gaming and fun filled
the void of the VSSUT Burla campus. Being the most awaited fest of the college,
this time Vassaunt succeeded...

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VaSSaUnT 2K19 : Day 1

 VaSSaUnT, the best time VSSUT’s ancient colour faded, dark and red patched walls see annually, has always ensured to leave a remarkably...

Fests Vassaunt

The day the Sun rose in VSSUT

VaSSaUnT 2018, the three-day cultural rendezvous of VSSUT, Burla, began on the 9th of March, 2018. Themed Superheroes vs Supervillains, the fest...



This year we have seen a revolutionary change in the cultural calendar of VSSUT. If someone thought that VSSUT was done with its list of fests then...