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Matrubhasa Diwas 2020

The cultural association of the University organised “Matrubhasa Diwas” on 20th February, corresponding to “International Mother Language Day”, annually celebrated on 21st February. The origin story goes back to Feb 21, 2000, when UNESCO declared this day following the violence against a silent protest organised at the University of Dhaka.  The event was conducted in […]

Quizzonoxium 4.0

Quizzing is a subtle art. Not many understand the intricacy and the charm behind quizzing. It is important to understand the etiquette that goes behind the making of quizzing, and the thrill it brings to those who choose to enter the arena. And unlike other arts, every person is born with a talent for quizzing. […]

Club Inductions – Part 1

On our very first day of entering into the university, we see these huge, welcoming signs, claiming how our transition into this place shall change our lives forever. We wonder, why would that happen? Sure, we’re coming into a place where we have to survive and thrive completely independently, but in the end, we’re just […]


By: Akanksha Behuria & Sagarika Behuria There’s no denying the importance of strong extracurricular activities these days. As college admissions become increasingly selective, a strong test score to match often isn’t enough anymore. Extracurricular are playing their bit-part very well these days. What happens when you can’t find a club that reflects an important part […]

Sanket Tripathy : The Quiz-kid

Cruising right into the zonal round of the real popular, The Tata crucible Business quiz isn’t a small thing and being “Sanket Kumar Tripathy” isn’t either!! Sanket Tripathy, a student of our very own VSSUT, pursuing b-tech in production engineering, has made us proud by winning the famous quiz competition which further adds to his […]

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