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Club Inductions – Part 1

On our very first day of entering into the university, we see these huge, welcoming signs, claiming how our transition into this place shall change our lives forever. We wonder, why would that happen? Sure, we’re coming into a place where we have to survive and thrive completely independently, but in the end, we’re just […]

VSSUT’s Technical Societies – Orientation Programme

Our society is no longer democratic or capitalist; It is now completely and equivocally technocratic. And to prevail this, humanity has been constantly evolving to utilise the concept to the fullest. Quoting our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Technology is a brilliant way to serve people. The more we learn about technology, the more we learn […]

VSSUT InnoBuzz

No society seeks more dearly a person than the one willing & able to face the burn of the problem yet stand steadfast with an unflinching desire.   Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), Burla, under the umbrella of “E-Summit” in its annual techno-management fest “SAMAVESH” conducted its first-ever hackathon, INNOBUZZ from 15th Feb to 17th […]


By: Akanksha Behuria & Sagarika Behura “TECHNOLOGY isn’t just a tool. It can give learners a voice they may not have had access to before.” Contemporary learning is about collaborating, solving complex problems, critical thinking, developing various forms of communication and leadership skills and ultimately motivating them to productivity. The freshers were lead to the […]

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