VSSUT in 2020

The chilly mornings of January were graced with the warmth of excited sportspersons of the University resulting in a cosy and successful celebration of annual sports fest, Illumina. Club inductions followed, with talented and excited freshers joining their respective clubs. Major club events like Urjja, LiveGen, Quizzonoxium, Mock MUN, E-summit and Yogutsav took place shortly after. But there was also a tensed atmosphere among the students; getting prepared for approaching midsems, simultaneously experiencing a sweet excitement for upcoming Tech and Cultural fests, Samavesh and Vassaunt respectively.

After the day and night hard work of decorating their University, the excited students, draped in colourful dresses, had been enjoying themselves, when the news of nationwide lockdown exploded. With a heavy heart of not being able to enjoy the fests completely, everyone had returned home the following day.

The pandemic saw empty roads everywhere. The good news during those initial days had been that India was successful in controlling the spread. During this time, Doordarshan aired the Ramayana and the Mahabharata serials of the 90s. And Bhisutians? They were busy with ‘Dalgona coffee-making’ or ‘Until Tomorrow’ challenges…

After two months of the first nationwide lockdown, when we hoped situations will be normal again, the final years all agitated for their farewells, all those incomplete procrastinations, and a very difficult fact in their minds, for them to gulp down that they will no longer be a student, we faced another extension of the lockdown, which went on and on. All hopes and visions of a college year along with its celebrations and events were shattered to pieces. But as usual, the year with its activities always moves on. With the online classes many webinars were also conducted by technical societies and clubs. The EDP cell in collaboration with various firms opened up the treasure of internship opportunities for students. E.A.S.T.(Entrepreneurship accords and startup growth traffic) was one of the notable programmes it came up with. On International day Yoga day, the Yoga club conducted various competitions and spread awareness of mental health on a large scale. Clean India drive, Yoga demonstration and Plantation drive are some of its social amenities. On Independence day, NCC took the lead by presenting its first ever digital parade, captivating everyone’s heart, exhibiting numerous renditions. Unity day and NCC day were also celebrated with grandeur performances, competitions and social services like Convoke, Sahara and Green renders. On the 25th of August, the day of pride for all of us, bhissutians, when ISRO signed the official MoU with VSSUT to set up the first space innovation centre. Our University was in the spotlight. IIC was also invited in an illustrious event of Young Astronomer Talent Search (YATS) organized by TATA Steel. Many coding competitions and virtual exhibitions were also held by the clubs and student chapters to increase the skills and employability factor of students.

While all of these events were taking place, the Cultural clubs too were ahead and left no stone unturned to exhibit their elegance. Various live shows like soulful sessions and menTAL night enthralled the audience. They have constantly entertained us through social platforms. It was like readymade entertainment was served hot to us at our homes, free of cost. Online exams were held on september. It was a new experience for all and was welcomed by all. Virtual farewells were also conducted, although it couldn’t cut the mustard. The 12th Convocation was held on 4th December abiding all the covid norms . This year was full of steep ups and downs, lots of surprises as well as shocks, lockdowns and unlocks, yet this was a memorable year. Although we were not ready initially, we trembled, we twitched, but eventually we balanced ourselves, like a ship when it slides down to water. No doubt we have utilized every bit of resource efficiently. Undoubtedly we are ready to face all those upcoming challenges. This year brought so many hardships to people with the face of unemployment. Let us pray that this year brings back everyone’s prosperity and peace. We look at the new year with new hopes…

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