NCC Day Celebration 2020

By Payal Sahu and Namrata Roy

Every year, the 4th Sunday of November is celebrated as the NCC Day. It was on this day that the first National Cadet Corps unit was raised in 1948. The unit 3(O) CTC NCC Burla has added well to its stash of accomplishments on this 72nd NCC Day with its’ commemoration function online. They successfully celebrated the NCC Day on a virtual platform despite all the shortcomings due to the COVID pandemic circumstances of disturbance throughout the globe. This portrayed the wonderfully committed will inherited as a cadet.

The event saw the participation of over 90 people.

The preparation for the day began way earlier, with a vision in the eyes of the cadets to make the day not just memorable but a remarkable one, with a sign of change towards the betterment of all. For this, the unit became an initiator for a chain of revolution for Humanity, marking the beginning of three Campaigns. This was a result of the concern invoked in the minds of the cadets due to the constantly increasing issues in the nation which haven’t been looked upon.


A chain of helpers where the cadets collected and distributed old clothes and blankets to the poor and needy ones of our society to help them during these hard times, to save them from the shivering cold and reignite their hopes with proof that humanity is still alive and they are not alone.


A call to clean, an effort by the cadets to unite the public and take the responsibility of cleaning and keeping our locality clean, wiping off not just trash off the ground but the dirt of disrespect off the face of our motherland, India.


Concerned about the wounds caused to our mother Earth by heavy pollution and deforestation, the cadets initiated this campaign where they planted saplings and painted the Earth green-like patches of medicine on open wounds and gave a satisfaction of paradise to all, inspiring hundreds more to do so.

All the three campaigns were heartily carried out by the cadets throughout the state, acting as leaders in the real front of life, getting people together for a cause of nobility, testifying to the qualities they have earned through NCC, all the while abiding by the norms of the pandemic with masks and gloves on and maintaining social distancing.

The unit, more of a family than just a team, worked hard at making every second count, to put together all the achievements, memories, thoughts and views of life through the eyes of a cadet, and made SAMARPAN, service before self, the annual magazine of 3(O) CTC NCC BURLA for all to acquire inspiration and aspiration for activities of servitude. The virtual version of the magazine can be found here.

Being not just NCC cadets but engineers from a technical university, they took over the responsibility to look through the technical angle for solutions and hence arose another solution to ease and smooth things for specifically the NCC Cadets. Keeping in mind the technical advancements of the modern world, a website was created to help out all the NCC cadets and the ones aiming to become one, by providing information and camp anecdotes of various cadets, making it simpler for becoming active participants and dynamic learners as NCC Cadets. The link to the website can be found here.

After a lot of Backstage work, came the D-day, the online celebration of the NCC Day powered by IQAC of VSSUT, with Prof. (Dr.) Atal Choudhury, the honourable Vice-Chancellor of VSSUT as the Chief Guest of the day. The event, which took place on 22nd November, started at 10 AM on Google Meet. Eminent college authorities attended the celebration including Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Pati (Director of IQAC), Prof. Sudhanshu Sekhar Das (Dean, Students’ Welfare), Prof. (Dr.) Sarat Kumar Swain (Dean, Academic Affairs), along with the worthy presence of Officer in commanding Lt. Col. Himanshu Pandey, Subedar Baldev Singh, together with Associate NCC Officer Lt. Birendra Kumar Barik, other PI staff, the Cadets and ex-cadets of the unit, guest cadets and other attendees making it a gathering of fine citizens and NCC encouragers.

The day began with music instilling patriotism and the love of nation into every soul followed by the words of wisdom of the chief guest, after which the Annual report was read out making everyone a witness to the happening lives of the cadets of 3(O) CTC NCC Burla. The audience felt the thrill of a cadet with the rush of adrenaline with a dance performance, after which came the time for the Cadets to radiate the enthusiasm, inspiration, and patriotism in form of a speech to the lot.

This was followed by a summary video of the classes and training of an NCC Cadet, “Portrayal of a Cadet”, to let everyone know the different ways in which a cadet is secular. It brought a wave of nostalgia among all the cadets to be reminded of everything they used to carry out during the classes and training before the pandemic situation arose.

It was then time to share the documentary containing glimpses of the three campaigns, Sahara, Green Renders and Convoke so that everyone would come to know about the significance of an individual’s contribution to bring a magnificent revolution and add to list of the volunteers turning the campaigns into never-ending legacies. After this was a poem in the mother tongue odia fostering back the love for odia in many hearts with the beautiful irony and the meaningful words.

Apart from this, the unit held two online competitions, Spardha, a debate competition on the topic “Love Jihad” and Trivia, a quiz on the theme “Saare Jahan se acha Hindustan hamara” for the young minds to discover the heritage of their nation and the hidden love they have for their motherland. The winners of the competitions were announced and given cash awards for cheering their outstanding talent, knowledge and performance.

On the special occasion of NCC Day, a tribute was given to all the cadets by presenting a video of memories of all the events of last year making them feel like a part of the NCC family. After this, the website for NCC Information was inaugurated by the Officer in command Lt. Col. Himanshu Pandey, which marked the beginning of a new era of technology for NCC.

A Vote of Thanks was given by Lt. Birendra Kumar Barik, ANO of the unit, thanking everyone for their contribution and efforts to make this event a huge success. The Day ended with national anthem echoing through the hearts of people and the glories of all the conducted events reflecting in their eyes.

This event was also covered in many of the notable Odia newspapers making us all proud to have an NCC unit in our University and reminding us of the valour, determination, hard work and patriotism of all the cadets.

NCC Cadets are the second line of defence for the nation. They walk in the shoes of a soldier, living the life of a civilian. Their efforts will continue to inspire us to perform activities of servitude, do good for the betterment of society and help our motherland rise above all and become the best. Jai Hind.

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