Frontline Warriors

By :- Abhilash Singh and Biswajit Behera

Life had just sailed through a few overs in the year 2020 with spring adding a new life and new beauty to it all, when the roller coaster of life came to a screeching halt. Fear and paranoia of the pandemic spreads its wings, and the way of life as we know it ceased to exist.

Staring down the barrel of the gun, doors were locked, shops pulled down their shutters, and roads became deserted, with a single hope to duck the fateful bouncer of COVID-19. Engulfed in fear and panic of this unprecedented calamity, setting foot onto the streets was considered a dangerous affair. But certain individuals did not let this fear come in their way and decided to give us a fighting chance. Spread across a variety of professions, the healthcare workers, firefighters, police and administrative personnel are a few of them from the never ending list. Placing themselves at the face of certain peril, not for once did they deter from their duty or else it would have been a matter of time before we got wiped out from the face this beautiful planet. Every individual had nothing but praise about them and referred them as frontline warriors. While a final year graduate student of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology(VSSUT) in Burla went a step ahead and launched a magazine on frontline workers as a mark of honor and tribute for their selfless efforts to battle the pandemic. The magazine “Frontline Warriors- Flaring to Retain The Spark of Hope” was released by the student Hrudananda Prusty over a virtual conference.

The magazine was launched online with former Union Health Secretary Preeti Sudan, Rajya Sabha MP Prashant Nanda, actress Anu Chowdhury, VIMSAR Director Professor Lalit Meher, ace athlete Dutee Chand, Padma Shri Dr Jitendra Haripal among those attending the event.

The magazine is a fruit of extensive research by Hrudanand, who has recorded and compiled the heroic experiences of several Frontline Warriors spanning various fields. ”Ordinary people have been scared since the day the COVID pandemic entered the country. To combat this, some people, including doctors, doctors, nurses, media representatives, police, jawans, cleaning staff, etc, have fought to save the lives of others,” said Hrudanand.

The magazine was received extremely well and appreciated by all its readers which included famed bureaucrats, influencers and eminent publishing houses. Words of appreciations in mentions across several social media have been constantly pouring in everyday. Political giants like Shri Sujeet Kumar, Member Of Parliament, Rajya Sabha have also praised the initiative. The words of praise were also spoken by Dr. Rina Routray, Chairperson of Odisha Gandhivadi Forum. Eminent lawyers like Dr. Vivek Singh also extended their congratulations to Hrudanand Prusty and team. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the colossal contribution of the Corona Warriors has been exemplary. Sharing my personal thank you note for your profound contribution to our society, featured in Magazine to honour COVID-19 warriors released by VSSUT graduate,” Dr. Singh said. Articles regarding the launch and success of “Frontline Warriors- Flaring to Retain the Spark of Hope” have been published across press stalwarts like The Indian Express, Dailyhunt, and several others. The response that Hrudanand and the team have received has truly been overwhelming.

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