Bhisutians Amidst the Lockdown

Written By- Ankeet Pradhan
Special Credits- Som Nath

From reviving passion in their areas of interest to doing the household chores- from doing all the stupid challenges on social media to watching Ramayana with family, Bhishutians are doing it all and doing it right in this pandemic season. Hence, I decided to list down in what ways this 21-day historic lockdown is/might be affecting our fellow Bhishut-mates.

You really miss those days which kicked off with Nilu’s chai and ended with the same, and in between those, there’s more chai at Biki, Sudam and Sugat and a lot of cold coffee at Kalia. Now, look at yourself trying out other alternatives for these. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dalgona? Seriously? Chuck you. Kalia’s cold coffee is the best, period. Also, no discussion about food at dhabas and canteens, we are already getting ghar ka khaana. Eat healthy.

Have you all come across the meme which said “Ghar abhi kisi ke liye ghar hai aur bakiyon ke liye nasha mukti kendra“? Half of Bhishut went like “We felt that”. This lockdown is surely a rehab in disguise for all the smokers and drinkers. A huge respect for them, who by staying at home are undergoing personal development apart from being a responsible citizen already.

Bingo challenges on social media began with random templates and created an original Bhishut template and it didn’t stop there. There were challenges for clubs, branches and even individual groups. The next level bingo challenge would be your own bucket list guys. There was also the “Until tomorrow” challenge and you know it’s a real challenge because your every picture is an embarrassing picture.

We have all pitied the college girls everytime they complained about their 6 P.M in-time, without knowing what worse was in store for them. For those who made fun of them instead of pitying, Karma is doing its job for you guys. This spreads out one message, loud and clear, that we must be thankful for what we have and crave for nothing more.

It’s pretty evident that this lockdown is affecting the environment in a positive way. But can we all agree that it doesn’t really apply for Burla. We have always seen how beautiful the place is. I don’t know where each one of you is right now, but I know you kind of miss Burla’s skies. You also miss walking up to P.C Bridge and scooty rides to Right Dyke. Screw all those friends who send pictures of your squad you clicked in each of these places and asking everyone “Jima?

There’s always fun made of the singles in the college. Look how the tables have turned now. The love birds are either growing together or growing apart. I have only one question for the couples. Are those “I miss you” texts doing their job? Jokes apart, all single people got to feel sad about them, I’m sure times are tougher for them.

Finally, talking about all the final years, the entire 2020 batch around the globe is probably crying for not being able to graduate anytime soon. For them, this semester somewhat began with a countdown of the last few days and everyone trying to make the best memories out of it and then a virus chucked things up. Just want to let them know that things are going to be fine real soon. We juniors are waiting to ask  “Didi, treat kebe debe?” and “Bhai kebe basiba?”  as much as you all are waiting to graduate.

I can’t assure you when, but things are going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end. Until then, stay home, stay safe and GO CORONA!

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