Quizzonoxium 4.0

Quizzing is a subtle art. Not many understand the intricacy and the charm behind quizzing. It is important to understand the etiquette that goes behind the making of quizzing, and the thrill it brings to those who choose to enter the arena. And unlike other arts, every person is born with a talent for quizzing. There are no quizzing prodigies, just those who absorb facts and deduce questions faster than others. Hence, it becomes imperative to identify and inculcate this skill amongst brilliant minds at an early age, and this is where Quizzine steps in. As the official quizzing club of VSSUT, Burla, Quizzine members have often taken upon themselves the responsibility of improving the quizzing abilities of the area, and this often includes bringing together young minds and pitting them together in a battle of wits. Keeping this in mind, the members of Quizzine conducted the fourth edition of Quizzonoxium, the school quiz, on the 23rd of January. The event saw participation from students from 6th to 12th grade amongst all the schools in the area and was a magnificent success.

The competition consisted of two sections; one for the juniors, or students belonging from grades 5th to 8th, and the second for the seniors, belonging to grades 9th to 12th. The quiz for the juniors consisted of a written round, whereas the quiz for seniors consisted of a written round and a stage round for the finalist. The quizzes were proctored by Quizzine coordinator Som Nath, who through his ingenious sets and witty presentation skills made sure that the quizzes were enjoyable for all the participants involved.

The event was organized at the Biju Patnaik e-Learning centre and was officially inaugurated by the candle lighting and opening speeches by Quizzine’s faculty advisor Mrs. Sarmila Garnaik, Vice President for cultural societies Dr. Anil Kumar Kar, and the chief guest for the day, Dr. Sashi Biswal. The junior quiz session, proctored by Som, saw nail-biting competition among the school students, and finally Vikash Residential School, Bargarh emerged as the victor. In the seniors’ section, the first round was a written quiz consisting of twenty questions from every field under the sky. Six teams went into the finals after the written round. And after two hours, thirty questions and one ingenious long connect later, St John’s Convent School, Sambalpur, emerged as the victor among the senior participants. The winners were felicitated by the dignitaries present and the session was concluded. Overall, the feedback of the participants was extremely positive, and most of them are sure to continue quizzing later in their careers.

For those who quiz, it becomes a part of life. Quizzine’s motto ”Cogito Ergo Quiz”, translating to “I quiz, therefore I am” is truly applicable for all of its’ members and to the quizzing community as a whole. While people involved with quizzing are from very different facets of life, the thrill they experience from quizzing is what brings them together and what creates this beautiful community of open quizzers. It, therefore, becomes imperative for them to pass on their skills to the next generation of quizzers and make them acquainted with the joys behind quizzing. Team Vission congratulates Quizzine on the success of Quizzonoxium, and wishes them the very best of luck in their future endeavours.

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