LIVEGEN – Turning Passion into Profession

PIXELS – Art & Photography Club of VSSUT, Burla hosted ‘LIVEGEN’, lauded as Odisha’s first-ever Media Summit on 19th January 2020. The event was the star of attraction of the youth from the University and beyond who wished to pursue the path of content creation, social media and broadcasting in this modern era of technology.

The youth from the university had reported to the registration desk way before time and one could sense the ambience of great enthusiasm and eagerness amongst the students.

The event had 5 speakers – Shivankit Parihar, an actor; Salil Jamdar, a YouTube content creator; Sanket Narsale, a photographer; Pradeep Das, doodle artist; and Alokesh Sinha, a comedian. These 5 celebrities graced the stage to provide the audience with the insight of their journey and truth behind content creation. The entire event was divided into 3 panels with guest interaction session in 2 intermediate breaks.

The event was conducted by the host Atul Saswat and co-host Simran Nayak, as the event was commenced with an introduction on the theme “Passion to Profession” which was followed by the speech of the star speaker, Shivankit Parihar, an actor famously known from his TVF shows and is equally talented when it comes to scriptwriting, He was seen in a series TVF Bachelors’ alongside Bhuvam Bam and it had been a huge hit. It was followed by an interactive session lasting for over thirty minutes where he narrated of the importance of hard work and skill rather than depending upon sheer luck. Earlier people used to think of him as a good badminton player, that’s when he realised that he was better at faking to be a good badminton player and gradually he found out his passion for acting. Followed by this was an interactive session conducted by Pratikshya () engaging with the audience. The simplicity and brilliance of Shivankit Parihar amused the audience and they were left spell bounded by his charming personality.

The second slot saw Pradeep Das and Sanket Narsale delivering their solo talks. Pradeep Das is a doodle artist based out of Mumbai. His creative work ranges from hilarious to inspiring, monotone to hue struck. Managing to produce such phenomenal art alongside his job, nothing beats his eye for detail and artsy ethos. Pradeep Das who works in an HR department also focuses on his passion for doodle work. He believes in handling both passion and professional sensibly, with a keen eye for economic sustainability. Pradeep Das narrated his journey of doodling and the importance of finding a unique way to contribute to the world.

The next speaker was Sanket Narsale, a photographer based out of Mumbai whose portraits have been taking Instagram by storm. Sanket has taken his passion for photography and successfully turned it into his full-time profession. He displayed a beautiful video prior to its premiere in his blog. The video embracing Rajasthan was a beauty to behold and mesmerized the audience. With his Marathi accent, he emphasised on how money should not be a bottleneck in the process of growing one’s talent. Sanket Narsale also discussed plagiarism and it’s wrongful appropriation and stealing of someone else’s works, expressions, etc.

The last session involved Salil Jamdar and Alokesh Sinha. Alokesh Sinha is a standup comedian from the temple city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. With his trademark Standup solo “Nanha Mard”, he had burst out in the comic frame from Bhubaneswar to big cities. He talked about the time when he was bullied as a child, yet he took the positive side and as he grew up he found out his passion for stand-up comedy while studying in Ravenshaw. His sense of humour and comedy had the audience split with laughter. Born and brought up in Odisha, he struck up chords that resonated with the audience that kept bursting on now and then full of humour.

The last speaker was Salil Jamdar, a YouTube content creator, actor, scriptwriter and a talented singer from Mumbai. This engineer turned YouTube star’s spoof has also seen the presence of Shahrukh Khan. Salil Jamdar both narrated his journey and the responsibility of influencers to safely handle the right content for the audience to consume. While popularity remains an aspiration, being able to influence people’s life comes first. The last segment was the interaction session which brought the audience together to ask amusing questions.

The speakers were felicitated by the Dean Student Welfare Sudhansu Sekhar Dash, VP, Cultural Association Anil Kumar Kar and Faculty Advisor of Art & Photography Club Ms. Nivedita Patel. The event ended on a merry note with the audience queuing to click pictures with the celebrities and taking back home a memory to rejoice forever. The main sponsor and the Vice President concluded the event with their speeches and LIVEGEN was brought to conclusion. With a promise for the youth to explode in the digital era, LIVEGEN proved to be a successful Media Summit, serving as a point of inception in the University’s march in unveiling the Media front.

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