Urjja 2020

“It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you came from. If you have dreams and goals, that’s all that matters.” –  Serena Williams

Team Sanskar Kendra is the team known for its strength of educating the deprived students in all aspects of life. Like every year this year too the annual sports day of Sanskar Kendra “URJJA” was conducted on 15th of January. URJJA which signifies strength , the strength to survive and the strength to face the world. The children from Kirba and Panitanki kendra had taken part in various events. The event began with the burning of Mashal by Arunanshu Sir, faculty, ETC branch and secretary of SOCIAL SERVICE GUILD Prajna Prakash. The students were highly enlightened by the speech delivered by Arunanshu Sir, which perfectly enhanced the spirit of motivation, courage and sportsmanship among the children.

The children were very excited to take part in different activities conducted by the team SK. The sports events began with the 200 meters race of the senior boys which was a pleasure to watch. Every participant gave their best to accomplish success. The children were divided into three groups and sub groups based on the class they are studying. The sports events included the classic races of every school sports day that were 100 meters race, maths race, sack race, relay race and the power defining shot put too. Apart from these classics races there were other multifarious races which was completely frolic and gaiety to the tiny tots of junior group. The frog race was everyone’s favorite and everyone could just relate to their childhood memories by watching those extremely joyous children competing to win the race. We could also find some vintage games found in villages of Odisha like puchi and skipping which were heart warming to watch.

The first half was all about sports activities and competitions whereas the second half was engaged the children in fun and frolic events. The fun events included musical chair and kabaddi. The members of Sanskar Kendra totally involved themselves to make the event a successful one.

Sanskar Kendra runs on the motto of “BIDYA DADATI BINAYAM” which means knowledge leads to happiness.  The team Sanskar Kendra has definitely set an example by discovering these children’s happiness by providing them knowledge and guidance to make them the responsible citizens of this country. The broad smiles on the faces of the children on the day of URJJA totally justified how well they deserve this happiness.

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