Club Inductions – Part 1

On our very first day of entering into the university, we see these huge, welcoming signs, claiming how our transition into this place shall change our lives forever. We wonder, why would that happen? Sure, we’re coming into a place where we have to survive and thrive completely independently, but in the end, we’re just transferring from one place of education to another, right?


College life is so, so much more than the hours we spend in our dreary classrooms, at lectures that can, at times, be oh, so dull. The true magic of college is what happens beyond those hours. When brilliant, talented people sharing common interests come together to grow as a team, and in time, pass on what they have learnt. Student clubs are the greatest hubs of innovation and recreation in any educational institution and are the reasons why the college experience stands out. And it’s not just the knowledge we take away from them that matters. It’s the people we meet along the way and the experience we gain that truly counts.

Inductions are a major part of a student club. It is an exciting time, both for freshers, eager to explore and grow their interests, and for seniors as well, who are eager to see the fresh, new talents to carry on their legacy (and for other reasons. Ahem). The inductions for the Audio-Visual Club, Quizzine, the Quizzing club, Emotica, the dramatics society and the Entrepreneurship Cell were conducted on the 20th of August, bringing in fresh faces and new talents into each of these clubs.

The Audio-Visual Club, specializing in the art of film-making, tested the freshers seeking to join the club in various fields of film-making techniques such as script-writing, technicalities of shooting equipment, and also judging them on their acting skills, as being flamboyant in front of the camera is a major part of film-making. Juniors put up several entertaining performances. Secretary Goutam Puhan and Assistant Secretary Sanket Mishra ensured the smooth transition of the induction process and that the juniors had a fun time. “THERE ARE NO RULES IN FILM-MAKING, ONLY SINS. AND THE CARDINAL SIN IS DULLNESS.”

While the film-makers headed to the AVC inductions, the performers headed elsewhere. Emotica, the dramatics society, is always one of the most exuberant and lively of clubs. Putting on a mask and convincing everyone that the mask is your real face is a difficult art, but the skilled artists of the society have proven themselves to be up to the task, giving performances at several institutes all over the country, making a name for themselves and their club. The Induction programme consisted of newcomers giving dazzling auditions, performing stand-up comedy acts, acting out pre-written scripts amongst several others. “DRAMA IS LIFE, WITH THE DULL BITS CUT OUT”.

In the midst of all the dazzle, a group of brainiacs proceeded to a quiet classroom, to sit, ponder, and do what they do best: quiz. Quizzine, the quizzing club, has always been the Mecca for individuals who find their calling in the thrill of rapid-fire questions, in the scurry for gaining points. The Induction program for Quizzine consisted of, surprisingly, a quiz(sarcasm). Quizmasters Raj Das and Biswaprakash Panda produced amazing sets in order to make the quizzing juniors rack their heads. The winners of the quiz were felicitated with awards by Quizzine’s faculty advisor and the session closed with Secretary Som Nath explaining the merits and nuances of open quizzing. “PADHNA LIKHNA SAB CHHOTA DHANDA HAI. ASLI DHANDA HAI QUIZZING.”

And finally, coming to the budding entrepreneurs of the college, those risk-takers who push society forward with their ideas, innovation and determination to succeed. The Entrepreneurship Cell, led by secretary Robin Kumar Patra and Assistant Secretary Ankan Biswas, tested its’ applicants through a Group Discussion and Personal Interview, in order to test the presentation skills of the wannabe entrepreneurs, as presenting themselves is the rudimentary skill and the first hurdle an entrepreneur shall face to see their ventures succeed. Juniors stood up to the challenge and participated in lively and inspiring debates to join the various departments of E-Cell. “IN AN EVER-CHANGING WORLD, THE ONLY TRUE RISK IS TO TAKE NONE AT ALL.”

Clubs are instrumental to student life in college. Apart from truly sparking the students’ ideas and innovation, they train them to find and pursue what they could truly excel at. And most of all, they introduce us to people who eventually become so much more than just people who share the same interests as us, they become our guides while we discover our calling. And what we learn, see and experience while we’re part of them, stays with us forever. We at Team Vission hope newcomers had a fun time during the inductions, and can’t wait to see how much further you take the list of achievements of your respective clubs.

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