“A Trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” – Mary Lou Retton

The two days sports extravaganza of our college kicked-off on January 11, 2020 with a gallant show. The day started off with the lighting of the torch at Burla Temple which kindled the spirit of sportsmanship and togetherness among all the VSSUTians. A number of sports enthusiasts turned up to become a part of the torch march from the temple to the University’s ground lead by Smruti Ranjan (Final Year), Swagat Subhadarshan(Pre-Final year) and Ankita Meher(Pre-Final Year). They were greeted by a large crowd encouraging and applauding them. The opening ceremony was graced by DSW, Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Das, Dr. BB Pati. The end of the VSSUT parade was marked by the oath-taking by everyone present which brought out a sense of honour towards the University. The Illumina flag was hoisted by DR. BB Pati on behalf of our honourable Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Atal Choudhury, which thereby declared ILLUMINA 2K20 to be officially open.

The first event for the day was 1500 m race which was won by Ankit B Barwa(final year). This was followed by various track events such as 100 m and 400 m race for both girls and boys. The shot-put event took place on the same day with a large number of contestants turning up to test their strength and skills. The three-legged event and long jump events were also conducted on the first day which drew a large number of participants.

The yoga club had a huge role in keeping the fest entertaining by organising a number of fun yet challenging events. They included skipping, push-ups, balloon blowing, Surya namaskar and Yogasan competitions. The encouragement and applause of the spectators kept the contestants going even when they felt like giving up. They also conducted the yoga pyramid on the second day of fest during which the spectator crowd roared with applause for the various mesmerising pyramids performed by the yoga club boys and girls and the NCC first-year boys.

The most awaited events like Kho-Kho and kabaddi took place in the evening. Teams from their respective years participated in these events for both boys and girls. These events have always attracted the largest number of spectators to cheer for the teams and to witness the enthralling match between two teams.

The second day started off with a 5000 m mini-marathon whose record was broken by Emil Xalxo with completion of 25 rounds of the ground in just 20 minutes 23 seconds. This was followed by 200 m race for boys and girls separately.

Sanskar Kendra did an amazing work by bringing in the students from nearby schools to take part in various events such as 100 m sprint race and musical chair competition.

The throw and jump events also took place on the second day of this sports extravaganza. The high jump boys’ event witnessed the victory of Ashwin Dhal who broke the record with magnificently jumping over the bar placed at 5.8 feet above the ground. The throw events included discus and javelin throw for both boys and girls. The rest of the track events and relay races were conducted smoothly and participants from all years gave their best in winning. 

The last events of the day were the final matches for Kho-Kho and kabaddi finalists. There was a rush of excitement and anticipation among the spectators and a sense of fear and determination among the finalists. The crowd was cheering for their favoured teams with loud slogans encouraging them. The final year boys and final year girls achieved victory in both Kho-Kho as well as kabaddi.

The closing ceremony was illuminated with the gracious presence of Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar, DSW, Dr. BB Pati, MR Senapati, VP, Sports Association. The ceremony was sparked up as trophies and medals were distributed to all the winners. The ‘University Girls Champion’ award was won by Aayushi Das(Final year) who took home 3 gold medals through her sheer determination and hard work. Avinash Sahoo(Third Year) won the glorious title of ‘University Boys Champion’ whose talent left the spectators awestruck.

The celebrations on the eve of January 12th marked the end of the marvellous and highly organised sports fest. Team Vission congratulates all the champions and participants for their outstanding performance in the events and all those who put in their efforts to make ILLUMINA 2020 a grand success.

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