Blood Donation Camp – Employees’ Association

“We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity, and a moral obligation to help others.” – Janie Lewis.

Lamp Lighting by the Vice Chancellor

Blood is the entity connects us all, makes us one. It is indeed the most essential element of the human body. Blood donation is far bigger than just transferring units of certain fluid, it is gifting the most precious thing, the element of life. It is the most generous way of extending a helping hand and establishing the bond in humans.

The VSSUT Employees’ Association in collaboration with Blood Bank VIMSAR, Burla, and Red Cross, Burla conducted a blood donation camp on Saturday, 16 November 2019 in the Sir Viswesaraya Auditorium, VSSUT Burla from 9 A.M to 1:00 P.M. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Atal Chaudhari energetically & earnestly partook in the event, inaugurated it and also encouraged the students for voluntary blood donation.

The president of the association, Dr. Raseswari Panigrahi, ex-MLA was also present in the event motivating everyone to participate actively in the auspicious occasion. Smt. Upama Kalo, Registrar, VSSUT, Burla, and Shri. Nilam Prakash Kujur, Controller of finance, VSSUT, Burla were the guests of honour. Various NGOs, working in the field of blood donation were also invited to participate in the event to spread awareness and promote the spirit of blood donation.

Medical professionals and expert nurses from VIMSAR were present to take care of any medical aspects ensuring the smooth functioning of the event. Strict eligibility criteria were imposed to ensure the health and safety of all. Adults with age more than 17 years with a minimum weight of 48 kg were only eligible for donating blood. The students, faculty members and supporting staff of VSSUT upheld their obligation towards the society by coming forward to donate blood willingly in high spirits. A total of 200 units of blood was collected throughout. The blood donors were provided with supplements to re-energize themselves and a certificate to acknowledge their contribution and encourage them for further participation in such noble activities.

The Vice Presidents of the Association Shri. Pitabash Ojha and Shri. Asit Kumar Pradhan along with Shri. Sudhanshu Shekhar Mohanty (general secretary), Shri. Harendra Kumar Padhee (Assistant Secretary), Shri. Bhagaban Tudu (Organising Secretary) and Shri. Dilip Kumar Swain (Community center secretary) organized and guided the whole camp. The camp ended with a huge number of successful donations and active participation of the staffs and students. The camp was accomplished by the cooperation of everyone and was a huge success.

Humans are socializing creatures with moral responsibilities towards society. They co-habitat and live happily by mutual cooperation. Helping others in need stands out as the primary responsibility of everyone. The simple act of blood donation saves millions of lives and families. With the success of the event, the University remains obliged to come forward for such noble causes through every available opportunity & take these small steps, a giant leap for mankind in the world.

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