Hostel Dichotomy – Boys vs Girls

By Saranya Dash & Surabhi Roy

Leaving behind the comforts of home, the students embark on their journey of college life with lots of exhilaration and a tad bit of homesickness. However, with passing time, they find comforts in the discomforts of the hostel and develop a home away from home. They fit into each other’s quirks and develop unique habitats that are pretty inhabitable by normal standards. However, the boys’ hostel and girls’ hostel are starkly in juxtaposition. Where the girls like to keep it all decked up and classy, the boys like to keep it wild and messy.

The girls tidy up their rooms with organized racks, wall posters and accessories alien to the man’s society and so on whereas the guys swear to keep their rooms as unorganized as possible, with a very few odd & neat ones still thriving in the chaos. Swirling vortex of entropy. Missing breakfast is a common thing, thanks to the late-night binge-watching, projects, assignments and the chit-chats that wrap the universe in its hold, from the dashing senior in the canteen to all kind of funny, witty, stupid & sometimes sick jokes. However, there’s always ‘Dahi Bara’ to rescue for the starving appetite. Both the hostels get equally bored with the lifeless mess food. The girls have restaurants to their backup, whereas the boys savour the luxury of rushing to ‘dhabas‘. The girls are restricted to 6:30 pm in time, whereas the boys enjoy their liberty until 6:30 in the morning. Both the hostels have seen their share of ups and downs. Be it frolicking about, or counting the joys and sorrows, the engineers never fail to dwell in all kinds of situations. Be it the birthday celebrations, when the girls decorate their rooms with fairy lights and balloons with usual cake cutting whereas in the boys’ hostel it’s a day that every boy dreads when they’re gifted birthday bombs, followed by cake cutting, cracking of eggs and drinking the potions of intoxication aka ‘Maal Paani‘. Diwali celebrations in both the hostels are pretty different. Apart from the “bling-y decorations”, Rangoli competition, loud music, dance and good food, Diwali in the girls’ hostel is more about donning themselves in ethnic clothes and flooding their galleries whereas boys pass on the legacy of “War of hostels” by burning firecrackers and shootings rockets from one hostel to another. The boys celebrate the 14 years of Ram, whereas the women follow suit to commemorate the end of exile.

From innocent girls turning a deaf ear to cuss words to swearing in the local dialect, it’s a makeover shedding the sacrosanct Sati. From having their first puff of cigarettes to tasting the first drop of “you-know-what,” the silly fights to the late-night maggis. From rumours spreading like wildfire, the girls’ hostel has seen it all. From the subtle “Bitch Please” in the girls’ hostel to its coarse equivalent “C**odi Hana” in the boys’ hostel, everyone has their way of sorting out their kinds of stuff. That one thing for which boys win our hearts is none other than their “Bhaichaara, Sabse Pyaar” and we see the same in every boys’ hostel when it comes to solving issues or popularly noted as “Case Heijaichi”. The Central Garden has withstood all the “Cases” and also the important unofficial decisions along with the whole night parties which involve “you-know-what”.

Every Hostel has its tale to be inked in the diary of life. Be it girls or boys, hostel life is a once in a lifetime experience. Especially when it comes to VSSUT hostels, it is totally worthy to make and take memories with you and cherish it forever. We, the boys and girls have a stark difference to how life unfolds inside the hostel but all of it unifies together with the goosebumps that accompany us when all of it ends, the reluctance to conclude it, a fight none of us could or would ever win. Till that dreadful day arrives, we promise to live by these moments, the brief eternity of bliss.

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