VSSUT’s Technical Societies – Orientation Programme

Our society is no longer democratic or capitalist; It is now completely and equivocally technocratic. And to prevail this, humanity has been constantly evolving to utilise the concept to the fullest.

Quoting our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Technology is a brilliant way to serve people. The more we learn about technology, the more we learn through technology.”

Keeping the essence of the idea in mind, the technocrats of the university introduced the freshmen to the various technical clubs.

EDP Cell

‘A true entrepreneur is a doer and not a dreamer’. Engraved in every cell, these risk-seekers of our university organised an impactful orientation on the 27th of August 2019.

Dean Students’ welfare, Prof. Sudhanshu Sekhar Das inaugurated the orientation with an enlightening speech which was followed by the Vice President of Technical Society Prof. Harish Kumar Sahoo, Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Sarat Kumar Swain, PIC Training & Placement Prof P. Nanda Faculty Advisor Dr. Prakash Chandra Mishra, and the Club Secretary Chiranjibi Dalabehera.

The dignitaries spoke on the positive, strategic and practical ideologies of the entrepreneurship world and motivated the students to develop an interest which can optimise their professional capacity.

Later that evening, STARTUP ACCELERATION THINK TANK (SATT) was launched by Robin Kumar Patra, with the aim to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit, to help and host various entrepreneurial events under a single wing which can enhance and integrate its society.

The freshmen were conveyed a video message by K.R. Vasudevan, Director (Personal& Finance) Mahanadi Coalfields Limited. Following this, the team introduced the website and various Entrepreneurship Cell programmes through slides. The crowd also enjoyed an interactive session of several situation-based games and a business quiz.

With great sentiments and joy; Final Year students of the team, Ninad Madhav, Anwesh Biswal, and Priyanka Sahu shared their experience with the freshmen and expressed their gratification for undertaking this journey.

In the end, the team received a huge round of applause as Atul Saswat wrapped up the evening with a vote of thanks.

Idea and Innovation cell

The innovative minds of VSSUT conducted their orientation on the 28th of August 2019. Built around “Even Sky is not the limit”, the club members summarised the club’s journey.

The orientation was inaugurated by Dr. Debudutta Mishra (Head, ISRO Innovation centre) with an opening speech which was followed by Dr. Harish Kumar Sahoo (VP, Technical Society) and Mr. Layatitdev Das. The dignitaries expressed their gratification on numerous club projects, ISRO Head Quarter visit and Innovation Centre Foundation.

Following on, Biswajit Beuria brought the concept of Idea into the purview and walked the enthusiastic freshmen through its implementations. The freshmen were also impressed by the team’s achievements, such as Honeybee Network and Grassroot Innovations by Ayush Pandey and Swetaperna.

With great pride and joy, Bibhu Panda and Soumyajeet Mohapatra spoke about VSSUT Satellite Launching Vehicle and shared the story of the club’s rock-bottom foundation.

Later that evening, the crowd was kept hooked with interest with some amazing facts of VLSV by Apurva Masook and the astounding orientation ended with a huge shout out by the students in the auditorium.

Robotics society

Introbotics witnessed around a footfall of 500 as the powerhouse of our university, Robotics society organised their orientation on the 30th of August 2019.

Following the lamp lightening ceremony, the event was inaugurated by Dean Student’s Welfare Prof. Sudhanshu Sekhar Das who went on to enlighten students with his wisdom. The other highly acclaimed Dignitaries- Vice President of Technical Society Prof. Harish Kumar Sahoo, Faculty Advisor Dr. Vikram Aditya Das also took on the stage to inspire the young technocrats.

Moving on, an introductory video including the overview of the club’s history and its achievements was shown to the freshmen. The thrilled and excited crowed cheered at some jaw-dropping projects like human following bot, gesture-controlled bot, voice-controlled bot, reactive lighting, smart energy meter, home automation and stair climber.

Next in the queue, some trademark projects were demonstrated such as Hover Pod, Quadcopter, ROUV and 3D printer which added to the grandeur.

Following all this, the final year students graced the stage to share their story with the club. They motivated the juniors and expressed their gratitude to be a part of this roller coaster ride for all these years.

Finally, the secretary of the club, Amit Das gave a vote of thanks to the freshmen, dignitaries and all club members and with this, I brought a marvellous evening to the end.

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

Society of Automotive Engineers, Supra and Baja, the crew teams of our university, profoundly known as the racing unit, organised a magnificent orientation on the 29th of August 2019.

An oath-taking ceremony followed the inauguration in which the Dean Student’s Welfare Prof. Sudhanshu Sekhar Das spoke about the Fit India Movement. He was accompanied by several other dignitaries – HoD Prof Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty, Faculty Advisor Prof. Prasant Kumar Nanda and Faculty Advisor Prof Prabir Kumar Jena.

After the informative introductory speeches, the crew members presented slideshows describing the club, it’s functioning, components, future motives and the glorious history along with a video presentation featuring all the events.

However, the thrill and excitement didn’t end there. The roaring crowd was on cloud nine as loKE VIII and Ventus 5.0 geared up and put up an astounding stunt show in front of Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium. The mesmerized and dumbfound spectators gave a huge round of applause and the evening concluded as the club left a remarkable imprint on its inspiring audience.

VSSUT continues to thrive owing to its technical eminence, and the clubs ensured that justice was served in welcoming the new fleet of students to witness the brilliance and be inspired to innovate and upgrade further. 

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