Tremendous aura of gaming and fun filled the void of the VSSUT Burla campus. Being the most awaited fest of the college, this time Vassaunt succeeded to show its grandeur on a much grander scale. The most memorable VASSAUNT till date as claimed by the mass did clearly take a big leap from its past. Vassaunt 2k19, became the most memorable and appreciated cultural fest of VSSUT. A big hand goes to the secretary Sooraj Raja, assistant secretaries Suman Saraf, Devi Priya Priyadarshini and Atmachetan Mishra and the entire organizing team. They clearly left no stones unturned to stun everyone and made it a grand success.

The 3rd day of the biggest fest of VSSUT, VASSAUNT 2k19 commenced on the morning of 10th March 2019 with the EMOTICANs presenting their incredibly fake  talents in the event entitled LIGHTS ON, which was basically the theatrics competition. Followed by which was the story narration competition Tell-a-Tale in the auditorium itself. EMOTICANs never fail to stimulate the nerves of the audience with their own aura that they possess.

Meanwhile PIXELS conducted the SOAP HEW MODEL event which bought out the craftsperson in the participants where they had to make models by carving out soap bars,  followed by QUOkomic which was a short comic making competition. The main attraction was DESI DESIGNER which was the costume design competition out of paper folding, creative and innovation minds were famed and got an amazing platform to exhibit their expertise.  FIDDLE TWIST which was the doodling competition on the topic VSSUT bought out the emotions of the artists for their college and lifestyle here on a single piece of paper.

The LITSOC was no less and they were in no way backward to display their proficiency by conducting interesting events like the debate competition and IMPROMPTU where they had to pick chits and speak continously for 5 minutes on the provided topic.

Dumbcharades and Filmy Keeda by the audio visual club added a Bollywood spice in the fun filled final day. Moreover, WAR OF HOSTELS was an interhostel quizzing combat conducted by Quizzine club. The VOICE OF VASSAUNT by SOULS was where soulful voices put up their talent. Live events like silent DJ, Scavenger Hunt and V Roadies were conducted all day long.

The most appreciated and enjoyed event was the VSSUT’s GOT TALENT where incredible hidden talents in VSSUT from a boy singing in girl’s voice, playing Hollywood music in the beats of tabla to beatboxing, singing an entire song by whistling and many other talents were a delight to experience. The evening of the final day of VASSAUNT was stupefying. It commenced with the grand ramp walk by Mr. Vassaunt Ankit Anupam Samal and Ms. Vassaunt Anwesha Aditi Mohapatra. Prizes of the respective competitions conducted throughout the 3-day fest were distributed to the winners.

And then was the electrifying entry of the Best Bollywood Artist of the year 2018, Stebin Ben. His performance left the crowd awestruck and his sensational voice got them involved and dazzled. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed his performance waving their hands in the air by cheering to his soothing music. His ‘Mera dil bhi Kitna pagal hai’ was the man of the match, it took the enthusiasm and excitement of the crowd to a next level. He played a big role in making the night a memorable one for all the VSSUTIANs.

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