Vassaunt Day 2

The sun shined bright with a new hope of the second day’s gear start. The expectation of the crowd was high after setting into the chasm of day one.

The morning glided into the mime and hassaunt scenes headed by EMOTICA, the official dramatics club of VSSUT. Emotica members drove the crowd away from the realistic world to a statistical world full of emotions by their Nukkad Natak performance “Humse kisine kaha hi nahi!” written and directed by Pawan Kumar Singh, the secretary of EMOTICA .

The digital world looks amiable just because of lens and the photographers behind them. PIXELS, the official photography club conducted a TAMRON videography workshop by Shaswat Padhi that provided the newbies innovative ideas on videography. The painters got awarded for their excellence in the on-spot painting competition on the topic “LIFE IS A GAME” conducted by PIXELS. The literary society conducted an essay writing event that included a huge participation of school and college students on topic of World War 3.The iconic event of the day was V-Roadies which was completely based on the MTV reality show. The participants were given challenges that tested their physical and mental strength via eliminations and game changing twists.

The first half of the day ended with a striking climax when the artists in the room painted the faces of the students that made the whole arena look like a “Universal” film shooting set.

Chaos and overfilled audience at the mini stage witnessed the battle of music when the acoustic guitar was played against the tabla at the “SYMPHONY” event conducted by SOULS, the official music club of the college.

The afternoon awaited the glance of the comedy clan of the Bhubaneswar Comedian and Parvinder Singh who completely took off the Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium’s silence into applaud and laughter. The Bhubaneswar comedians narrated their engineering life by relating to people’s pun life here. Parvinder Singh, the star of Comedian industry stood out to be the perfect desi Comedian who actually made the crowd go crazy with his humor. For the last time the final year Emotica students performed an act on the set of VSSUT. Instead of tears they made our stomachs ache and chuckle hard by their funny performance.

The evening had rolled in the campus and the magic of the comedy had rested inside the auditorium. The OAT awaited  one of the most happening event. Aura of the Saturday night doubled up when DJ Ravish turned people on with his rythm and grooved the audience into a tune. The infinite days of restless nights and hardwork of the organizing committee had rested into peace when the OAT got captivated by one of the sensational nights of the fest. The souls reminisced themselves into happiness and love .The tired eyes had beamed up with delightment and the OAT bloomed with joy

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