VaSSaUnT 2K19 : Day 1

 VaSSaUnT, the best time VSSUT’s ancient colour faded, dark and red patched walls see annually, has always ensured to leave a remarkably unreal taste for the University’s batches to reminisce. This year with its new themed version on ‘Gaming’, VaSSaUnT 2K19, the cultural festival of the University proved to be a grand hit.

Inauguration by the Honorable VC

The grand inaugural ceremony of the three days festival was embarked by the Hon’ Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Atal Chaudhuri, Dean Students’ Welfare, Prof. Debudutta Mishra,  VP cultural association, Prof. Anil Kumar Kar, Students’ Coordinator Sooraj Raja, in Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium. The Cheif Guest Jitendra Haripal, a very famous singer with one of his super-hits ‘Rangabati’, motivated the students with his wisdom and sang patriotic verses to which all the students and dignitaries stood up in the name of nationalism and shared silence. With more words of wisdom and encouragement from the dignitaries, Sooraj Raja delivered the Vote of Thanks, marking the beginning of the golden three days to the University Calendar.

“In the beginning, it was all black and white. Wait, for the magic is not far now.”

Amandeep Singh
“To The Beat” – Dance Battle

To paint the ramp with triumphant trends like always, this spring too the fest flashed up the “Mr and Ms VaSSaUnT” titles with super exciting quiz and introduction trials. Vibranz Club, the Official Dance Club of the University held a workshop on Hip-Hop. The Literary Society added the seventh stud to the stardom by bringing out Amandeep Singh, the nation-wide famed storyteller, to the very crowded and excited Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium of the University. In the interim, the Art and Photography Club hosted a workshop on Photography conducted by Sidharth Sekhar, Saptarshi Chakraborty of Tamron. The Literary Society additionally organised two more interactive events on the day, ‘Spell Bee’ and ‘Wordsworth’. In SAC, the street battle, ‘To The Beat’ stole the show with graceful dance moves on rapid fire-like beats by Anirban Pal. The event attracted astonishingly a big crowd of participants from all over the country and excited mob cheering aloud. More over, it kicked start to the happenings in the prettiest and loneliest building in the University Campus, the E-Learning Centre. The Audio and Visual Club like every year conducted a national level competition on Film Making, ‘Drishya’. This year out of hundreds of short films received throughout the nation, an international documentary film was also received, all the way from France. ‘Mono-Action’, a drama vie arranged by the Emotica Club and ‘Colour Blush’ event by PIXELS in Artifex Arena, were other grand events for the day. QUIZZINE, the Quizzing Club, organised a themed based gaming quiz. ‘Rock N Rolla’ being the special event of the Souls Club, was conducted in the Open Air Theatre defining the caliginous beauty of the dusk and setting the right milieu for the first Cultural Night of the three days mellow journey.

Hip Hop Workshop

The mesmerisingly rib-tickling performances of SOULS and VIBRANZ planted rhythm and dance moves into the merry mob in the Open Air Theatre. The day came into a conclusion of being ecstacily triumph with the dance performances of the final years. It was a heart-touching moment to remember for it was the last they got to celebrate another year to the University calendar. Likewise, the much awaited, Day 1 came to an end and everyone left after a joyous but tiring long day with nothing less but a bag full of memories.

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