Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We are online in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests and our identities. And so with the fast-paced technology growth the graduates of VSSUT, Burla witnessed their annual techno-management fest.

SAMAVESH 2019, the annual techno-management fest of VSSUT, Burla marked its advent on 15th, 16th and 17th February in the university premise. The exuberant and enthusiastic graduates of the college had a fun-filled 3-day experience. The events conducted under the guidance of secretary Sanjeev Dash and assistant coordinators  Biswajit Beuria, Ashutosh Dash and Tushar Kant Behera were embraced by people in huge numbers.

‘Fly With VSLV ‘ as always set its trademark by its ever amusing ideas and innovation to develop an efficient and economic satellite that could be employed for a cause along with the ever remarkable VSLV. ‘Design & Thinking’ bought the best creativity out of the mass to do things unusually such as bringing up stories of your own just looking at a picture. Peek-a-probe’ thoroughly attracted the creative minds where they had to pitch a solution to various problem statements given and the best 10 were chosen to present a paper presentation.

The Civil Engineering Department conducted Bridge Building is where you had to design a bridge with ice cream sticks and threads and CAD design expected the structural design of a problem statement. The events were justified to the future Civil engineers of the society where they could showcase their creativity on the same.

The Quizzine club was no behind. The advancements in business and technology were explored by the Business quiz and the Biz-Tech quiz. A general quiz and Burla quiz added a flavour to the events where the students were tested about their knowledge on Burla.

Electrical events also included  Who am I puzzled them for unique counter-replies. Paper Presentation & Model Presentation hunted for meticulous knowledge. Identity kit made the students identify the real-time image of electrical and electronic equipments and they had to identify them.

The SAE conducted four events– Auto Quiz, Sketch a Car, Get in Gear to build a gear prototype based on the given data input and Design-o-Mania to design a CAD model and test it.

The Chemical Engineering Department stood strict with the world of Chemistry. The participants played CHEMO CUBE with a chemical questionnaire and answered promptly in the first round to identify the provided chemicals in the second, in CHEMICAL BREAKDOWN.

To protect your egg along with a parachute after falling in Egg Parachute & a block of certain dimensions from an impact by a Truss-o-mech and design a hydraulic crane to lift things like table tennis balls and Rubik’s cube in Arm of Achilles, were some really engaging events conducted by the mechanical engineering department.

The Robotics Society came up to see who could cross their Death Valley, follow the Lined it Recovered (in Lined It 4.0) and RuBg .

Two workshops, one on Ethical Hacking, conducted by Mr. Harshit, a certified Gold-medallist hacker, in association with a cyber-crime consultant company from Ahmedabad and the other on Android App Development, conducted by Google Developer Group, Bhubaneswar, were organised.

Technology shall go in vain if it doesn’t meet the market. The EDP Cell, through various events, promised to get it done away with it.  IPL auction,  Board Room, Trading Pro 4.0, B-Quiz and Stock Pitch were a few events that bought out the schemes and targets to beat one’s brain out.

The king of the virtual gaming world PUBG was a special attraction of SAMAVESH. Virtual gaming events, as always, had a special appeal– be them the mobile ones, viz. Pro Evolution Soccer, Clash of Clans, Clash Royals and Ludo King or the PC ones, viz. FIFA, CS Go and NFS. Fun events like Treasure Hunt boosted the adrenaline.

The first day witnessed a poetry recitation event ‘PUKAR’ where emotions and love overflowed out of the budding poets. The following day ‘YOUR QUOTES’ bought the best out of the poets where their swift and tender words were a joy to the ears. A stand-up comedy session by the ‘Chain Jokers’ was much hilarious to tickle everyone’s belly.

The inaugural ceremony in the Visweswaraya Auditorium with the Vice Chancellor of the institution Professor Atal Chaudhuri distributed the prize among the participants. From  CSIR IMMT we had Dr S. S Basu as the chief guest of the ceremony.


The evenings became even more soulful and vibrant, as the singers, instrumentalists and dancers showcased their remarkable dexterities on the stage that drove the audience to hum and sway, to which the moderate weather and cool breeze underpinned well.

The very first day Sonam Dash showcased her versatility and her melodious voice made the VSSUTians groove on her songs. The dramatics club EMOTICA presented a PANTOMIME on LGBT portraying the reality of society where they are highly disrespected and neglected.

The concluding evening witnessed the award ceremony and the dangerous yet dumbfounding bike stunts.

Campus decorated with garlands for lights, stalls with delicious food items and trees having been turned to event promotion hoardings– Samavesh has left out a never-fading impression on those who were a part of the grand rejoice.

Special gratefulness to the partners of the event – UNESCO, PPL, NALCO, Imfa, Reliance Power, Kemppi, OMC, State Bank of India, OPGC  Godrej, NEXA, ORBIT, Airtel 4G, LIC without whose support the fest would not have been such a success.

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