TEJAS: The Architectural Amalgamation

“Architecture has its own language, not unlike other professions, pursuits and genres.”

The annual architectural fest of VSSUT christened TEJAS concluded recently. The event was flagged off on the 15th of February by Honourable Vice-Chancellor of the University. The entire fest was filled with a range of events starting from designing and modelling to wall painting and photography.

Starting with the model making competition, the students were required to choose a project of any one of the established architects and collect all the drawings and 3D objects prior to the competition. Then they were asked to create a suitably sized replica of the original model.

Then came the furniture design workshop by Ar. Anindit Das. The participating groups had to select one from a group of items. The 1st part of the workshop dealt with framing the basic design. The jury then selected the best of each of the items and a final product was built on the spot.

A wall painting competition was also organised on the theme ‘Celebrating architecture’ among different batches of the department.  Every batch was given a portion of the wall. They were judged on the basis of their analysis of the given theme. The competition was judged by Ar. Santosh Kumar Mishra Sir. The newbies of 2k18 batch emerged as the winners and were followed by 2k17 and 2k16 batch as 1st and 2nd runners up respectively.

Whatever you see looks better through the lens. Such was the craze for the Architecture Photography Trophy. The budding photographers were given three themes and were asked to submit entries of the same. It was evaluated by Ar. Shakti Nanda of Sri Sri University Cuttack who also organised a workshop on ‘TECHNIQUES OF CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY’ which would prove to be of great worth to the students. A lecture session was also conducted on the topic ‘Architectural Design, Principle, Process and Product by Ar. Santosh Mishra, DEAN of Architecture, BPUT.

And last but not the least the major highlight of the competition was ‘Topper’s talk 1.0’ wherein the toppers of previous batches were invited to share their experience and knowledge to the budding architects.

They dream,   they draw, they design, they build. Nobody on this earth can deny the fact that it is the architects who add the charm, the glaze and the beauty to the world around us.


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