By Sampurna Sahoo and Amit Mishra

The spring in VSSUT takes a different trajectory with the onset of VALENTINE’S WEEK. The emergence of an advanced breed of species called ‘Teddy Bear’ crashes the market. Roses, pink and red, act as the romantic mediators of love. The composition of air is disturbed so as to accommodate the element LOVE, as they say, “Love is in the air.” The exchange of obligatory, overly mushy sentimental Valentine’s Day cards takes place. The V-Day special SILK and KITKAT edition governs the LOVE Kingdom. This Valentine’s season, let’s not back off to criticize and tease our chums in true love. Presenting to you, 7 types of couples in VSSUT, this Valentine’s Week.


The energy level of these couples is similar to the glass of ‘Tata Gluco Plus’. You will find them in every club, every event and every corner of the college working together. They are like the sassy representation of ‘Boost’ energy drink. They are the breed with infinite invisible tentacles that are capable of performing all kind of jobs. They are an adumbration of good vibes, brilliant ideas and positive energy. Their energy is too contagious that it can generate electricity for the AIR CONDITIONERS in all classrooms in VSSUT. It’s like cupid has showered upon them the rainbow of glitters. These couples have the potential to have a wild card entry and still bag the lion’s share.


Do you remember your childhood when you used to switch ON and OFF your lights continuously and had fun doing this? The mood of these couples are similar to that and it varies according to a quadratic equation, one root being love and the other being fight. The characteristics of these couples are exactly like magnets. In love, they become opposite poles of a magnet and attract each other, but during fights, they try to repel each other as far as possible. They are exactly like Ross and Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. but the VSSUT version, you know. Their break up and patch up pattern are so complicated that they are currently being studied at the Centre of Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis.


Unlike the characters of modern Ram-leela movie, these couples are more like Lord Ram and Sita of ancient Ramayana. The girls do not only have Pooja, Aarti, Saadhna, Archana, Vandana, Aastha as their names, but they are true believers of these. Their hands are found swinging parallel two feet apart in public. In classrooms, they are found turning heads and throwing semi-romantic smiles at each other. For them, romance is like the moon on the night of ‘Amavasya’. They believe that couples who pray together, stay together and they are more into eating chocolates than using it.


The bond between them is like mac and cheese. Let there be any cause, the effect always remains constant, “Abbey, chal kuch khaate hein”. Their solution to any problem lies in the yummy delicacies of the town. Like our pre-scheduled time table of the semester, they’ve pre-planned food dates for an entire week. The owner of the food junction treats them like family. They can tolerate each other’s non-stop blabbering but they cannot tolerate ‘elaichi’ in their Biryani. They are more into adding spices into their food than into their love life. Be it a disaster or natural calamity they can be seen standing tall and proud satisfying their appetite with food plates in their hand. These couples transform into wild animals at 5 pm every day and can be seen gulping whatever comes in their way to their hostels. The happiness of the street vendors can be reflected by their HAPPYDENT smile, that lits up the evening.


Ever seen a couple with nerdy glasses, XL T-shirts and a pile of books in their hand, roaming around in the campus? Ah, you spotted them, right? Their day starts with study plans and their night calls end up introspecting their daily performances. More than exchanging ‘I love you’ in texts they exchange equations, instead of exchanging romantic gifts they exchange notes, instead of booking OYO rooms they prefer having book date in their study rooms. These creepy couples can be found sitting alone in the beautiful well maintained VSSUT classrooms, paying no attention to the spectators through the antique glass panes. The glisten in their eyes when they see rows of O grades in the semesters resembles the pearls in oysters.


The distance between these couples can be measured by the bandwidth of the internet connection. More than worshipping gods, they worship Mark Zuckerberg and Mukesh Ambani for keeping their relationship alive. This type of VSSUTians can be easily spotted in the corner of their rooms, with perfect lighting and perfect makeover elongating ‘Awwwwwwwwww’s and addressing each other as Baby, Shona, Jaanu, etc. Good quality earphones and high-speed internet is all they require to run their relationship smoothly. Basic human needs consist of roti, kapda and makaan, but their basic needs consist of roti, kapda, makaan aur phone pe baat. For them, every day is a race to see each other’s face and that grace gives them solace.



Their relationship is such a mystery that even Sherlock Holmes cannot decipher it. They act like they are friends, but deep down everybody knows their true intentions. They never fail to top each other’s WHATSAPP CHAT LIST. When confronted, they’ll be like, “We are just friennnnndds, yaar.” They can be found exchanging notes, foodstuffs and even ‘BEWAKOOF T-Shirts’, but they’ll always own a Honey Singh neck chain printed “JUST FRIENDS.” Even VSSUT will Become IIEST one day, but that day will never come when their so-called “Friendship” will transform into “Relationship” publicly.

So, this valentine’s day, find out which category you and your friend’s fall in and if you think there’s another kind apart from these, then do mention it in the comment section and to all the singles do not loose hopes because ‘Sabka time aayega’, just decide for which kind you want to go for and start searching for your better half.

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