By: Sagarika Behura

Attention!! Attention!! Attention!!

Mere priya VSSUTians, guess what?! Achhe din aa gaye!! Ji haan, aapne thik padha. Apna time aa gaya! Ab apni gully mein bhi machega shor, jamega rang aur badhega josh!

Confused, right? Well, then let me enlighten you all and shook you by presenting to you an insight into VSSUT’s Resolutions for 2K19. This time VSSUT, with its brand-new version 2K19 resolves changes. Changes that have happened faster than Eminem’s rapping (or has it?). Team ViSSion brings to you the 7 ways in which VSSUT proved to be the great grand utopia we all dreamt of.

  1. Breaking of chains.

‘1947 ho ya 2018, fight toh freedom ki hi hai na?!’ Famous dialogue every Indian college girl student can relate to, right? The clock ticks 6:00 in the evening and the situation of almost every VSSUTian female counterpart is like a scene from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, wishing to escape the hell hole and walk with the moon and stars, taste liberty under the open sky. Not even a spell of elder-wand can possibly break the great walls of girls’ fortress. Relatable? Now girls, give the fight a break. It ends.

Jo kabhi nahi hua, woh ab hoga (like seriously?)! The chains are broken. In-time will be extended to 8 PM (or maybe 10!)! Chalo bhed bakri ki tarah 6 bajte hi bhagna toh nahi padega! Cheers! (Dream come true, eh? <rolling eyes>)


  1. University hostels issue ‘fatwa’ on girls.

The rule that made broad headlines, announced ‘diktat on hostel girls’. Talk to any boy in front of your residence and you are kicked out, banned from hostels. So girls, hush now ‘cause it ensures our safety. Apparently, we weren’t safe, little girls out in the dark woods, exposed to all jeopardy and the rule just barely saved our dignity. Locked us, safer we. Nation news and papers ensured the rule to be held esteemed throughout. Now the little ones were just safe and sound deep in their hostels when the golden rule was declared a misjudgement of words (what in the seven hells?). We are no more safe girls (sad!)! Be aware.

Apni ijjat apne haath. Ladko se baatein na karna implies apni surakshya karna. Seekh jao, abhi bhi time h! <bit** face>


  1. VSSUT corridors’ undying love for shitty shit.

When your day starts with fresh eco-friendly, organic, very gently welcoming cow-dung, Mr Doggos’ shit and blah blah (yeah remember?), you are the luckiest man alive (oops, did it hurt?). Cows, dogs, cats and other homeless creatures have now signed a petition under VSSUT Resolutions Version 2K19, declaring the University as their permanent residence.

Ab ‘gau mutra’ peene pe extra grades muft muft muft! Naya saal naye rang. Get ready to greet back more *hey there*s from cow shit, dog shit and all shit. Resolution version 2K19 blesses you with this rosy opportune.



What’s more appealing than food? I say, nothing. Good food, good life, isn’t it? Well, we got the super air-conditioned, shiny mirror-like marbled floor in addition to eco-friendly under tree servings plus extra students discount on snacks, shakes and most importantly yum food and meals one could live for (you know better!). 10 rupay ka biscuit 5 rupay mein, aur kya chahiye (IUKWIM)? Not to forget, Cafe-Coffee-Day! The best cafe you could ever find (is it? <lmao>). Yeh bhisut h bhai, yahan sab *bahot hard bohot hard* hai. Samjhe?


  1. SAC, bole toh naam hi kaafi hai!

The prettiest, busiest and glorious building of VSSUT, Burla since March 2017 (ROFL). That’s SAC for you’ll (showing off?). Its aura is so arresting that you would never find it cow-less, Mr Doggo-less or creatures-like-us-less. It’s never deserted, always accompanied by one or the other gang of creatures (not just us, kiddo).

Gau mata ki kripa se iss saal bhi SAC mein chadhega rang aur mehekengi vaadiyan (HAHAHALOLHAHAHAHA).


  1. Fasssstt yoor!!

New year, new rules. Traditions are meant to be followed and gradually changed too, right? So now apparently the tradition that bars *fassst yoors* from some deadliest places in Burla to eat has come to a halt (will it ever?).

Ab fasst yoorr namak ek vichitra prajati bhi nilu, kalia, bedi, ray atyadi jagahaon mein paayi jayengi. Adhik suchna ke liye jude rahiye Team ViSSion k sath.


  1. Luxurious Lab Works and Dream Dress Codes

The branch with the coolest professors, you ask? Well then, it’s Electrical associated departments! Teachers are the humblest, most benevolent and point on-time (day-dreaming). Every other branch, the other 8 of our demons (IYKWIM) thus envy the electrical tutees. The students have nothing to fear about. They are so chilled about their assignments, lab works and most importantly the formal dress-code, that it gets on everyone else’s nerves. All BHISUTians dream of college life like their electrical folks, but aren’t that lucky (literally?!)


So how has the BHISUT’s Resolutions Version 2K19 been treating you all so far? Not good? The same? Yeah, I know right. The *old is gold* VSSUT has managed to stand tallest amongst many till now with the same charm and shit and apparently will continue to do so.

Sirf saal badalte hein, bhisut wahin ka wahin kal bhi tha, aaj bhi h, aur kal bhi rahega (not so sure though).


  1. Sahi hai bosss!!what a true depiction of BHishut…starting from the air we breathe here to the food we eat are all apt…hatsoff to the writers to pen it so beautifully

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