By: Ankeet Pradhan

“The other day my mom restricted me from using Facebook because I wrote ‘widowed’ as my status after I broke up with my ex “, says Rohan, a 16-year-old who claims that he is preparing for IIT JEE which is 2 months away. Rohan claimed to be in a relationship for 2 years, until he broke up with his girlfriend a month ago. Since his parents never knew about him being in a relationship, they banned him from using Facebook. “I am really depressed and I’m going to screw my exam up”, he added. When he was asked why he never spoke it out to his parents, he said “they are very strict and they would have never let me continue this relationship. Moreover, it’s a lie that parents love unconditionally and I always find my parents being very mean to me.” Rohan also added that he was physically intimate with his partner. When asked, what was the purpose of sharing the fact that he had broken up with his girlfriend he said “Every other kid in the school does it. It’s cool.”

30 per cent teenagers are not comfortable talking to their parents about their own problems. 50 per cent, who are in a relationship kiss and neck. 90 per cent teens believe in pre-marital sex. What do you think, why do teens do it? Just because some people who fall in the same age group have done it and it’s cool?

One of the other most vacuous thing early teenagers do is create an ostentatious life of their own on social media which they have never lived. Every other kid is trying to keep herself/himself updated with the most recent trends that follow. They have amazing code words that outwit adults. The only good thing about teens frequenting social media websites is that they develop opinions on various debatable topics. Despite these highs and lows, Facebook for teenagers is the place where they measure each other’s “coolness quotient“. A massive count of friends on Facebook means, “don’t expect me to give you much attention.” And updating your display picture on a regular basis means, “check me out, I’m cool.”

Rizwan, 17-year-old, who says “I don’t feel ashamed of admitting that I drink alcohol frequently, when I know it won’t cause me any harm if I drink under control.” When asked on what instances he took to drinking, he said “I drink when I feel pressurized by academics. Otherwise, I mostly drink when I’m bored.” Rizwan, who also smokes says that he doesn’t mind infracting some archaic norms in our society. He also feels his life is set in the right direction, since he is confident of scoring well in the boards because he has joined an amazing private coaching class. He also added “At least, I’m not like my other friends who are not career oriented.”
A survey revealed that 15 per cent teens drink when they are bored. This is an actual report, no kidding. 1 out of 5 smoking at an alarming rate. 45 per cent of class 12 students drink alcohol at least 5 times a month. 85 per cent believe that private tuitions are helpful in fetching good marks.

These facts and stats are something which teenagers would never tell you. These stats make every other Indian parent go mad at their kids. There is a constant clash of thoughts and emotions in a teenager’s mind. Most of them are confused and struggle to live a healthy life. Indian teens, today claim “they can’t find a will to live” on social media which is actually true because they can’t even find themselves. Not saying these are the only problems for a teenager. These were 1 of the million troubles teens get into. Even though, people in the age of 20 or 21 are liable to such dilemmas and problems. After all, the teenage is the age of rage.
What are your confessions as a teen or back when you were a teen or when you last considered yourself as teen? Vent down in the comment section below.

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