By: Akanksha Behuria & Sagarika Behuria

There’s no denying the importance of strong extracurricular activities these days. As college admissions become increasingly selective, a strong test score to match often isn’t enough anymore. Extracurricular are playing their bit-part very well these days.

What happens when you can’t find a club that reflects an important part of who you are? You feel that a critical part of your identity isn’t reflected by the existing offerings. Well, rookies of VSSUT got nothing to brood about for that subject though. This was wholly evinced through the orientation programs of multiple Cultural Clubs of the University.



The VSSUT Yoga club proved the statement by organizing a refreshing and informative orientation scheduled on 20 August.
It begun with Mr. Gourahari Behera  speaking about the importance of yoga in our daily life and the healthy consequences of doing it regularly. Following him was Mr. Suresh Behera, the yoga teacher who imparted some practical knowledge about the asanas and Pranayams.
“Mind the MIND”, Mr. Harmendra Mishra from IIT Kharagpur shared his knowledge and theories and enlightened the students on this divine idea.
A mime enacted on “mind the MIND” was relished by the crowd and kept the mimers motivated on the stage with their continuous cheering.
Ashrita Patel, the student secretary of the club showcased the crowd with their achievements, events and future prospects.
The final conclusive vote of thanks was given by Aditya Dipankar Sarangi, final year core member along with an interactive session for the newcomers and in addition to that healthy refreshments were provided too.
The pupils portrayed keen interest in the program and in overall it was quite informative and interactive .



The ‘INCREDIBLY TALENTED FAKERS’ started the program by performing a ‘Nukad Natak’ entitled ‘Imaandar Insaan.’ The play portrayed the life of a loyal and honest man who was very hostile towards corruption and gave up his life in despair.
Followed by which the Secretary of EMoTICA Pritam Priyadarshan and the faculty advisor Dr. Mihir Sutar addressed the crowd about their on campus activities, achievements and how the club continually adopts  and improvises to the trending art forms of dramatics and to stay competition ready.
The prime glory of the evening was the stand up comedy performed by Bikash Gupta and Prayash Kumar Panda.The hilarious and hysterical humor, pun and sarcasm made the crowd unsettled and laugh to tears. Thereafter the crowd was shown a power point presentation revealing about the history of emotica and their alumni.
Moreover the team also performed a short play along with a mimicry act by Suman Saraf. A theatrics was conducted entitled ‘Hazar rupey honge kya’ depicting the life of a financially deprived boy and how he was negligent towards his responsibilities.
Towards the end many among the crowd showed deep enthusiasm and the team as usual left a remarkable imprint on its audience .



The world is nothing but a canvas to our imagination and painting the canvas in the colors of reality are our “Filmy” gang – The Audio Visual Club.
The club comprising of many dedicated enthusiasts conducted the orientation for the freshers on 23rd August. The program started with many fun events which enthralled the audience. The juniors were in for a treat during the Filmy keeda’s event with the right guessers being awarded chocolates! Following this the audience were shown some of the many popular short films shot by the club members. Next was the paper presentation which showcased the history, achievements and special moments with the responsibilities borne by the club.
Towards the end the club secretary Pritam Mohanty made his junior counterparts aware about the activities associated with the club, the events the club organizes during the annual cultural fest VASSAUNT and how the club serves as a learning platform to its members.
Thus marked the end of an exciting and eventful evening.



Souls and Vibranz, the official Music and Dance Clubs of the University hold its noteworthy respect in hearts of all the entertainers of and around the University. The twilight of 24th August, 2018 was colored with the eminent orientation of the Clubs.

Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium made it’s history of overflowing excited young faces approaching for a blast of entertainment and a spark to join them in the process. Even balcony seats were jammed to it’s brim. No other orientation program saw such enthusiasm and liveliness in the freshmen.

The program kindled with gracious words of the Faculty Advisor Dr. Debasmita Mishra, followed by the galvanizing story of pure blood, sweat and tears the Coordinator of the Music and Dance Club Radhakanta Kar shared with the family. Further, the Assistant Coordinator Saranya Swayangprava hyped a short presentation on the working of the Club and its triumphant history of glory.

Magical 7 performances by Souls and Vibranz respectively followed the introductory in a queue. The euphonious tone of the nightingales, the Souls presented got the audience mesmerized. Vibranz with its rocking beats and rhythm caught the rookies in awe and roused the dancer in every single heart present in the hall. The auditorium had it’s own charm and aura of respect for the club, that eve. The crew members were served with nothing less than love and praises for their determination and hard work. Claps, “woo hoos” tore the auditorium walls.

These non-ending, ever-lasting events inspired hundreds of hearts and aroused the entertainer in them.


It was the day of the quizzards, 6th September, 2018.The eve dedicated it’s crimson beauty to the famed Quiz Club of the University.
The orientation program for the freshmen began with “WHY WE QUIZ” slideshows portraying  influence the club holds in the hearts of witty brains. A real quizzer will absorb all the information from anywhere and everywhere. This was well heeded by the Secretary Sambit Swarup Rath and was carried further by Assistant Secretary Subham Badpanda.
Commendable and glorious achievements of this promising club was bought into sights of the pupils. How to tactfully crack the question, analyze the arguments and to remember the facts, is the stratagem of the quiz zine and thus is the sole motto of the Club. New flees were further enlightened of the Saturday sessions held by the club to help innovating ingenious minds to it’s highest degree.
With this the Club made pure justice to the phrase


The beauty of literature resides in the truth that the longings you and I share is similar to that of all the universe, not only the expression.
With a great deal of onus, the onus of orienting the hitherto bright talents to enable them to decide their paths and more importantly embrace the ones willing into the system, the orientation program of the Literary Society kicked start. More than any other system, it is literature where the shaping has to be done with certain care and with this in the back of mind the Literary Club of VSSUT witnessed it’s inception on the eve of 7th September, 2018.
The theatre was filled with a majority of freshers, seniors in responsibility and other enthusiasts keen on watching the event unfold.

The orientation program was kick-started with a introductory speech by Pratikshya Mohanty to set up the tone by soothing the audience, gently charming them into the theme of the club. The short introduction was followed by a brief introduction of the club by Saikrisna Rout illustrating the minute details of the club, history of the club, it’s components and more importantly the role it consumes in the University both as a club and as a e-newsletter.
The speech was accompanied by a slideshow on “askvission” – the official Q & A platform of the vission. The crowd was engaged with questions starting from relationship status, memorable moments in university and a lot connecting the mundane to the earnest ones through their topic of discussion. The exchange of interaction lightened up the tone and paved way to further events, the ones brimming with liveliness, fun and far more interaction.  The event picturesque followed the flow and took the majors into a daze by the amount of cheerfulness and zealousy the newbies unveiled. Then there came the prolific soul-stirring piece of poetry dedicated to her late dear-most sister by Sampurna Sahoo which left the audience with bitter sweet remembrance of their loved ones. Subjective yet heart-warming letter to a man playing his roles in being there for his woman and being the reason for her success, by Shalini Panda, held the throng in aghast. Her feminist words silenced the feminazism hidden somewhere within us and showed a new rainbow of equal love and respect for the humanity tearing apart any boundaries set. Taking the program further, the associates engaged and entertained the new fleets with various interesting musings, hilarious memes and witty engrossing word game. And then, the Secretary of the Literary Society, Juned Akhtar, Civil Engineering Final Year, stepped onto the podium and the left the audience with his aura and his charming words.
Welcoming and comfortable atmosphere out-turned into mightiest participation of the frosh that set yet another trademark of the bestest orientation program of the Literary Society.



“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with things you see and everything to do with what you observe.”   – Elliott Erwitt

This saying drives the soul of every artist in the Club, Pixels. The Club gained its fame as the pride of VSSUT with its dazzling art works and photography skills. Passion for photography flows in the blood of the crew members. Their dedication towards their piece of work is cosmic. The evenfall of 21st August, 2018 saw the freshers orientation program of such mighty Club.

Never ending queues of freshmen marched with a sense of excitement and zeal to join the club, towards the auditorium. The event began with hearty welcoming speeches addressed by the Vice President Chittaranjan Deo Sir, Faculty Advisor Saroj Kumar Pradhan Sir,  Dean of Students’ Welfare Dr.Deebadutta Mishra sir and the Coordinator of the Pixels Club Soumya Saswat Mohapatra. The soothing and homely atmosphere was just the need of the hour. The presentation of photography works shook the audience with a daze and amazement sparkled their eyes. The desire to tread on the heals of the Club hit the new fleet yet again but stronger this time. Afterwards, live art performance, one line drawing, caught the moment in a daze. Spectators were found goggle-eyed. Then, interactors session carried out by the crew member with the tenderfeet eased the rush in the hearts and made it look all so easy to learn and progress in the process, if passion drives you.

The program was then round-up and all the club members bowed their heads down symbolizing gratitude. The auditorium hall roared with applause and boos which left a celebrity kind of feeling for the club members. The token of love and respect they received was immense. With this, the glorious eve after inspiring artistic souls to join the Club, came to an end.

Finally on all accounts, VSSUT saw its genesis, it’s heritage and pride in the upholding Cultural Clubs. The orientation programs served as the bridge sweeping the zeal, the craze onto the next generation. The programs ignited countless hearts and shouldered responsibilities to the newbies.

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